Friday, March 17, 2017

Another mac jerry g method DIY detox nightmare story

I get these a couple times a week but wanted to share this as they had actual level to report from these random item home remedy desperation attempts


 Head shop shampoo

The person was using meth at 4-6 grams a month .

They originally tried a detox SHAMPOO from the head shop,   so results came back at over 6000 pg /mg  WOW !  

 WHY ? because shampoos are just SHAMPOO   they said 4 to 6 gram and results said 6000pg which is average at 6 GRAMS  so it did NOTHING 

Now comes the desperation and typical surfing the WEB for advise from all the NOT SO EDUCATED  legion of people who think putting out this dangerous info is in anyway helping people. 

The following is cut directly from their consultation 

Started in October Detox from head shop n took hair follicle for court- Failed with meth levels at 6,000 for a 6 month test and also amphetamines.... (I had also been taking Pain Killers and this did not show in my results) not a extended panel 

I stopped using Meth at the beginning of December for over 2 weeks but started back using for a week before test that i had at the end of December. 

I Cut My Hair to right under ear length and then I did Hair Detox from head shop again and

Also home remedy treatments with tide and facial cleanse , then  dying hair etc  and  then more hair detox from shop. I even poured Straight Bleach on my head and Cried for 10 minutes while it set my scalp on fire. 

Also did the salon bleach treatment then dyed hair and Restripped hair again with another bleach kit and washed once More with Detox shampoo after. 

Then I went for My test at the end of December, This was All So Rough on my head that it left blisters n sores on my scalp! After All this trouble I went in for a personal test and still failed with levels of Meth at 1,000pg for a 3 month hair test!

SO MULTIPLE bleaching,   dying, striping  and  shampoos even clorox  (
 Sodium hypochlorite ) and result was a % 17  reduction  

All this probably costing easy over 200 all to blister your head? 

Only needed a single set of Hair Razor (actually a 40.00 Half set if hair is short )

Still think unknown know it all on the web are who you should be listening to ?  

before you go down that road get a Hair Razor detox consultation so your individual use can be assessed and a safe treatment can be suggested  

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