Wednesday, October 28, 2020




This is how it goes,   you either are a regular user of drug X or your the guy who takes a hit off friends joint on Saturday night and then days later you get hit with a drug test right?  Then you go into panic mode and jump online and start buying the first thing you come across which is going to be who ever has the most MASS MARKETING typical of cheap shit . NOT CHEAP IN COST  oh no its going to have MAJOR hype to it and they pray on your panic and make you pay for it .

 You may end up with a couple or more products that are basically the same and you have no clue even when you read the ingredients are the same.. SEE BREAKDOWN OF ALOE RID INGREDIENTS

You get sold on CLAIMS called MARKETING which are BULLSHIT . 

If ingredients are same as SUAVE well people,  why did you pay 150.00 to 200.00 for shampoo ?  

" I have attached a copy of my order confirmation from SELLERS OF OLD STYLE FAKE ALOE RID .  I spent over $200 on aloe rid and it did not work.    I failed it."  - Jacey 



Methods are random list of nonsense used to ...... SELL SHAMPOO .

All the METHODS all promote one of these shampoo products . See its the  ITS THE SHAMPOO they are selling the method is their to try to actual DO SOMETHING .

 Here is another FACT you dont know .  THC does not cross over to hair easy . you need regular use and the thinner you are or more active you are less chance for it to get into hair.

MOST OF  THESE PEOPLE ONLINE CLAIMING THEY PASSED FROM THIS METHOD OR THAT SHAMPOO ALL HAVE LIGHT USE  AND DID NOT NEED ANYTHING ... Yet they pass and go around infecting the internet with this falsehood  literally the blind leading the blind .

  HAVE YOU EVER seen lab results BEFORE they used a shampoo or method showing actual legit use levels and then AFTER using product X show a negative LAB result ?  NO,  so they are only a METHOD of taking your money . See  Different drugs require different approaches different chemicals to treat and none of them are in shampoos .why fry your head on a method if your not dirty or using the wrong random list of stuff for what you used ? 



Cocaine ­ Positive 8127 pg/mg   

Codeine ­ Positive 1650 pg/mg 

 THC Metabolite ­ Positive 9.94 pg/mg


Additionally none of them do  consultations to see IF YOU EVEN NEED IT  or how many treatments for YOUR HISTORY . it doesn't work that way when you have a LEGIT PRODUCT . 

ONLY ONE TREATMENT  does  Hair testing consultations like this and only one product can show pre and post lab results BY USERS to prove it does what it claims.  Which means they do not sell to head shops or random online stores, they want you to get a consult and DO IT RIGHT . 

Hair Razor Detox is not a scampoo  its a two part process formulated to metabolize ALL DRUGS . A actual treatment plan for YOUR USE HISTORY,  thus why you need a consultation  to get proper number of treatments needed to pass like all these people who sent in their lab results and reviews