Friday, March 17, 2017

Another mac jerry g method DIY detox nightmare story

I get these a couple times a week but wanted to share this as they had actual level to report from these random item home remedy desperation attempts


 Head shop shampoo

The person was using meth at 4-6 grams a month .

They originally tried a detox SHAMPOO from the head shop,   so results came back at over 6000 pg /mg  WOW !  

 WHY ? because shampoos are just SHAMPOO   they said 4 to 6 gram and results said 6000pg which is average at 6 GRAMS  so it did NOTHING 

Now comes the desperation and typical surfing the WEB for advise from all the NOT SO EDUCATED  legion of people who think putting out this dangerous info is in anyway helping people. 

The following is cut directly from their consultation 

Started in October Detox from head shop n took hair follicle for court- Failed with meth levels at 6,000 for a 6 month test and also amphetamines.... (I had also been taking Pain Killers and this did not show in my results) not a extended panel 

I stopped using Meth at the beginning of December for over 2 weeks but started back using for a week before test that i had at the end of December. 

I Cut My Hair to right under ear length and then I did Hair Detox from head shop again and

Also home remedy treatments with tide and facial cleanse , then  dying hair etc  and  then more hair detox from shop. I even poured Straight Bleach on my head and Cried for 10 minutes while it set my scalp on fire. 

Also did the salon bleach treatment then dyed hair and Restripped hair again with another bleach kit and washed once More with Detox shampoo after. 

Then I went for My test at the end of December, This was All So Rough on my head that it left blisters n sores on my scalp! After All this trouble I went in for a personal test and still failed with levels of Meth at 1,000pg for a 3 month hair test!

SO MULTIPLE bleaching,   dying, striping  and  shampoos even clorox  (
 Sodium hypochlorite ) and result was a % 17  reduction  

All this probably costing easy over 200 all to blister your head? 

Only needed a single set of Hair Razor (actually a 40.00 Half set if hair is short )

Still think unknown know it all on the web are who you should be listening to ?  

before you go down that road get a Hair Razor detox consultation so your individual use can be assessed and a safe treatment can be suggested  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Propylene glycol hair detox myth

Propylene glycol is in every commercial shampoo like Aloe Rid and Does nothing for hair detox 

Well this is what Propylene glycol Really is . 

Propylene glycol is a clear, colorless and hygroscopic liquid.

The freezing point of water is depressed when mixed with propylene glycol owing to the effects of dissolution of a solute in a solvent (freezing-point depression); in general, glycols are non-corrosive, have very low volatility and very low toxicity.
PPG is used in many formulations for polyurethanes. It is used as a rheology modifier.
PPG is used as a surfactant, wetting agent, dispersant in leather finishing.
PPG is also employed as a tuning reference and calibrant in mass spectrometry.
PPG is used as a primary ingredient in the manufacture of paintballs.

Forty-five percent of propylene glycol produced is used as chemical feedstock for the production of unsaturated polyester resins

Propylene glycol is also used in various edible items such as coffee-based drinks, liquid sweeteners, ice cream, whipped dairy products and soda.[12][13] Vaporizers used for delivery of pharmaceuticals or personal-care products often include propylene glycol among the ingredients.[5] Propylene glycol is used as a solvent in many pharmaceuticals, including oralinjectable and topical formulations, such as for diazepam and lorazepam which are insoluble in water.
Like ethylene glycol, propylene glycol is able to lower the freezing point of water, and so it is used as aircraft de-icing fluid.
 Propylene glycol is frequently used as a substitute for ethylene glycol in low toxicity, environmentally friendly automotive antifreeze.

Propylene glycol is just a wetting agent as far as shampoo is concerned 

 A substance is referred to as a wetting agent if it lowers the surface tension of a liquid and thus allows it to spread more easily.

It has no special powers or abilities to break down drug metabolites. The myth came about from all the interweb pseudo scientist who as far as i can tell randomly picked it off the ingredient list of aloe shampoos assuming it must be the magic ingredient.  SORRY but their is no magic ingredient its just shampoo no different than suave aloe for 4.00 . 
Ask yourself this, IF PG was so special that you would pay 150.00 plus for a shampoo why not buy a whole bottle of PG from a VAP shop for 5.00 ?  

AGAIN  shampoos works only for people with LOW to NO use.  THC requires repeat use to even get to the hair as it does not incorporate well at all. The shampoo folks also are ALWAYS part of the mac method cult who destroy your hair with crap like TIDE and bleach and god know what other random list of nonsense. ALL METHODS are made to sell scampoo.

Most the ignorant kids that say it worked online didnt need anything , they assume the joint they smoked mattered  ONE TIME THC WILL NOT SHOW. If they were just barely over the threshold,  ANY shampoo and yes a bunch of household item gives a %30 reduction and may get them under the wire but YOU CAN GET BETTER  RESULTS  form ONE SINGLE HAIR RAZOR TREATMENT  than 50 aloe rid shampoo washes.


 I have attached a copy of my order confirmation from test clear.  I spent over $200 on aloe rid and it did not work.    I failed it.  

I saw something on your website that you would make a deal if someone can prove that we tried aloe rid.

Please see attached document.  I’m trying to get as much money together so I can order a half set, so any deal or discount I can get would be much appreciated.




This company is deceiving you making you believe you are buying aloe rid by nexxus well, went out of business 2005 !  you can sue these people for that damage of the deception  

they are trying to su me for exposing them   and they are going to fail  just like tier bullshit scampoo




Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Detox Shampoo Scams

Detox Shampoo Scams

Using a Shampoo to destroy drug metabolites is not something that will be accomplished with any aloe rid type commercial shampoo. 

Regardless if its a aloe rid knock offs or any other its still a commercial grade product. 

Most are only using some method to sell these scampoos. Anyone who mentions any METHOD is telling you the shampoo is doing nothing.


They may be harping on old marking info still littering the internet about a propylene glycol Myths.   As we have explained many times PG is just a wetting agent and it does nothing to drug metabolites. Anyone pushing the PG myth is taking you for a fool and showing they do not have a legit product.  SEE propalyne glycol myth article  . 


This all ties to the aloe rid myth and propylene glycol being of higher levels in the OLD formula. Which we just told you is nonsense,  PG means nothing so if they are not selling aloe rid why tell you they are using a old formula ?  could it be they want you to THINK they are aloe rid and that propylene glycol means something?    ALL it means is they have no clue what they are talking about.

This  myth was originally created by the folks who created the propylene glycol BS.

Simple fact , it takes certain chemicals to metabolize properties of certain drugs.  Methamphetamine metabolites are destroyed differently than the THC metabolite. The number of treatments depends on the metabolites in question and history of use. 


When you hear people say they passed with some random method or shampoo they will NEVER have a pretest to show IF THEY WERE ACTUALLY DIRTY , this happens allot as most are LOW THC users who probably where not dirty in first place. THC does not transfer well and you need regular use especially if thin and active. this is much different than someone using heavier drugs .

Recent sample of consultation  that mentions use and treatment with shampoos which did not seems to help with  opiates

"oxycodone 30mg almost every day for first 2 months, most recent month 60-90 mg a week

Recently took hair follicle test 4/5/16 after using aloe shampoo (old formula) purchased from aloe rid wanna be seller,  for 7 days 2x/day prior to test  and zydot ultra clean the day of test. I Had been clean for 15 days prior to test and was positive for oxycodone with a level of 975 pg/mg."


 Only Hair Razor Detox can show before treatment lab results to show just HOW DIRTY they were and post labs to show they passed.  Proving Hair Razor actually worked . 

Hair Razor is not some shampoo you wash and guess.  you perform x amount of treatments based on YOUR HISTORY. This is the only way a legit treatment can be done .

Quick hair detox consult will tell you what treatment amount is required.


What im posting here is going to be a ongoing place for readers to post how they got scammed by various aloe shampoo peddlers .




 I have attached a copy of my order confirmation from test clear.  I spent over $200 on aloe rid and it did not work.    I failed it.  

I saw something on your website that you would make a deal if someone can prove that we tried aloe rid.

Please see attached document.  I’m trying to get as much money together so I can order a half set, so any deal or discount I can get would be much appreciated.




This company is deceiving you making you believe you are buying aloe rid by nexxus well,... nexxus stopped making aloe rid in 2005 !  you can sue these people for that damage of the deception  

they are trying to su me for exposing them   and they are going to fail  just like tier bullshit scampoo



"As noted by the case referenced above, action can be taken by a person who believes they have been a victim of deceptive trade practices.   Those actions include bringing a claim which states that an action may be brought by any person who is a victim of consumer fraud, including a “deceptive trade practice as defined ...

 provides that if the claimant is the prevailing party the Court shall award any damages the claimant has sustained, any equitable relief that the court deems appropriate, and the claimant’s costs in the action, including reasonable attorney’s fees.


Crating and filing a motion against these people is easy to do you can find the information online , type it up and serve it 

The other day i was doing a Hair Razor Detox consultation  and was told the following statement

.........I'm hurting financially pretty bad I got duped at *******(reviewer censored by editor so as not to hurt aloe rid knockoff promoter  )

Paid for 2 bottles of aloe shampoo  and the zydot and 130.00 for Saturday morning delivery when I didn't realize I could put the test off It NEVER came . He never sent tracking and said he would refund me. It's been a couple weeks with no info from him at all.
Then he emails that he refuses to refund because it's not his fault it got lost. Sounds like he is now scamming people !I had to go through my bank and it'll be a couple weeks before those funds are back in my account :( the guy I believe his name is Daniel but I can double check . 

Oh trust and believe I will be all over every forum complaint board etc

He scammed me out of 700+ dollars , I paid almost 200 of that for delivery alone.

He guaranteed it would be here the next day and then never shipped

He's a terrible human.

Thank you for running such an amazing site and doing consults so people don't waste their time

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" Used the Aloe Rid shampoo formula 10 times and Zydot ultra clean once, Still failed hair test . See hair confirm test results below " 

We ordered off EBay. It was $110 and had "correct" barcode bla bla bla. It was "eBay insured" so we got our money back. They issued us a fake tracking # and never got a response back from seller when we asked about the status of our order. I then googled "nexus aloe rid barcode scam" and realized we've been scammed, and also found your blog, Blessing in disguise!


AnonymousOctober 10, 2017 at 7:26 PM

NO S _ _ T! WTF?

That is what I thought. But I have bought 12 boxes of Ultra Clean Shampoo & Conditioner + Paul Mitchell #3 Shampoo and Neutrogena T/Sal 3%, due to the fact that the research paper which you referenced - Int.l Journal Of Legal Medicine, showed 36% reduction with one use of Ultra Clean. So - 36% reductions each time and wearing a clean skull cap after each wash and then the final few washes also put on latex gloves, only new combs????????

The fail came from Quest Diagnostics - I requested that my prospective employer request the values of the test results and send to me.

I sent Psychemedics a hair sample off the opposite arm and should have been delivered on 10/06/2017 and hope to get the value of these test results soon.

I will share the test values when if I get them.

AnonymousNovember 6, 2017 at 10:39 AM

(OMITTED ASSHOLES ALOE RID SCHAMPOO SELLERS )  should be put out of business. $400+ later in Old Style Aloe Ridd, 2 boxes of Zydot shampoo + treatment, and expedited shipping, I still FAILED my hair follicle test with THC levels of 12 pg/mg, which the Hair Razor consultant says is a lot for THC. I am so disgusted with (OMITTED ASSHOLES ALOE RID SCHAMPOO SELLERS )  MULTIPLE assurances to me that their products would help a heavy user of THC pass a hair test, but I am even more disgusted with myself for thinking Aloe Ridd was the way to go and not researching harder to find Hair Razor with more time to spare before my test. I'm now scrambling to finish enough Hair Razor treatments before my test when I could have had weeks to prepare. (OMITTED ASSHOLES ALOE RID SCHAMPOO SELLERS )  is a complete joke, Aloe Ridd + Zydot is a useless method for heavy THC levels, and I should have known something was up because (OMITTED ASSHOLES ALOE RID SCHAMPOO SELLERS )  only lists 28 reviews for Aloe Ridd on their site as opposed to Hair Razor which lists many more from throughout years. Don't fall for (OMITTED ASSHOLES ALOE RID SCHAMPOO SELLERS )  bullshit like I did.

AnonymousJanuary 4, 2018 at 10:02 AM

Hi just wanted to update you on my hair test.

I failed my first hair follicle test that I had done on 12/4/16 after doing 10
macujo treatments and the zygot right before going to the lab.

Then did the PDT 90 self test after doing 3 jerry G treatments basically mac method thing with
bleaching and re-dye 3x. Also failed for thc.

Then found Hair Razor Detox
did two hair razor detox treatments of the 13 recommended before hair started to melt off ( didnt divulge i used bleach or as they told me later they normally wouldnt sell it to me ) .

Sent 3rd self hair test out after this got results back yesterday passed negative for thc.

I'm thinking it was the razor detox since I failed twice doing the other methods.

Wish I had found this product first before destroying my hair.

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danielleApril 28, 2018 at 5:36 PM

hello I bought the (omitted name of schampoo  )  shampoo and ultra clean, it was expensive even the shipping was costly, did 20 treatments prior to test day. I read all the comments on the (OMITTED ASSHOLES ALOE RID SCHAMPOO SELLERS )  site and had convinced myself id pass, I was a light user with maybe 2 grams a month and clean for week and half. test came back positive for marijuana, testing at 0.6. tried to put review on there site it wont post so I'm not convinced the fake reviews to get others to believe and buy. don't waste your money!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mac Method Hair Detox Explained & Exposed


[meth-uh d]


orderly or systematic arrangement, sequence, or the like.

 I recently saw someone post their suggestion at doing a mac method hair treatment. This person started listing all the random over the counter household and acne products and then, they said  Spic and Span !   Uhhh ok, as usual every couple years I  hear this Method being mentioned with a addition or change.  This is the nature of the net and peoples use of it to try to make themselves look smarter than they really are.

So pot head #1 puts random group of shit on a list and calls it a Method.  Then pot head #2  wanting to show how he thinks he's more knowing in separating hair molecules with fucking clean and clear zit wash adds or changes it,  post it on net and the cycle continues.  Now sure, you look around and you will find the purest who will tout the original random bunch of crap to be the only and true way, and for them there is a special place in hell.   

So as to make my point and simplify  things ( I hope) I will show there is no METHOD , no logical systematic way of sequence,  I  will go over the mc cujo,  macujo , maccujo, maccogo or the MAC METHOD( they cant even get the name one way ) , home remedy hair detox thingy as they come up on search results and post all with a different list of random shit to this scientific method . oh and there is also the Jerry G method cuzz  im sure some deuce will say i didn't mention that one which i think is just mac with bleach but then why not just say that ... god forbid we give some genus a method name just for his tweek because in reality wed have dozens .



First page of google results I found these variation of the "mac method"  for sake of  time I wont post every variation, this should make my point .

1 aloe rid shampoo  ( doesnt exist   ALOE RID by NEXXUS wen toff market in 2005 anyone with a NON NEXXUS LABEL should not be making you believe your buying a nexxus shampoo )  ,  Clean and Clear pink ,   Tide liquid , Heinz vinegar

2 Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser , ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo ,  Neutrogina TSal Shampoo ( shampoo with salicylic acid %3 )  , Apple cider vinegar , Tide original Liquid Laundry Detergent, Baking soda

3  Vinegar , clean & clear pink , tide  , Paul Mitchell three , all the stuff to bleach and dye hair with

So you see finding a true method would require a consistent list for which to prove it. This does not,  but we will go to the original mac and jerry g method for OUR SOURCE on this break down of foolishness.

mac method  

nexxus aloe rid ( out of production in 2005 )

Tide detergent  - ( would open cuticle and breakdown oils but thats it)

Heinz white vinegar   (must be Heinz ?)  Minimal THC metabolisms'  will get all over your head

clean and clear PINK    ( salicylic acid %2)  also Tsal shampoo contains %3 salicylic acid and sometimes they tell you to use both ,  which is pointless)

The way its generally explained is the vinegar and clean and clear  create pours and damage hair  creating cracks in the cuticle   ( ok step one BREAK hair? )  with clean and clear pink over the counter at %3 salicylic acid ?  I don't think that's going to break anything, thank god .

AND THEN THEIR IS THE PH OF TSAL WHICH MAKES IT  %0.68  NOT %3  AS EXPLAINED IN THIS BLOG  hair-detox-salicylic-acid-and-effect-of Ph

Note: The vinegar will have some effect and in fact the most effect of all these ingredients. It is the only one doing THC breakdown but its water so its going to get all over your head and your scalp will turn fire red and thats before all the other shit coming your way .

Then The Aloe  shampoo because its main component is propylene glycol and that opens the cuticle and removes metabolites.


 propylene glycol is a wetting agent is is NOT th emain active ingredient in ANYTHING the aloe rid type shampoos active ingredient is  EDTA  the idiots promoting propylene glycol and aloe rid scampoos are trying to sound like thier is something in th shampoo that you need ... BUT ALL METHODS ARE SCAMS TO SELL SCHAMPOO  


  only takes a substance over 7.0 ph to OPEN the cuticle so yes it would open the cuticle when applied with water but SO WHAT ! As if you open the hair up the metabolites will fall out?

 Then with the TIDE detergent  they don't explain what it does but some will say it opens the hair,  as it will because its over 7 ph, but going by this theory or method wouldn't you use it first ?, and if the aloe rid opens the hair what's the tide for ?

  This is the same as people who say use clean and clear then  follow with  Tsal when they have same shit in them at useless levels .  It makes as much scientific sense as saying Drink pepsi and then drink coke.   This is what I mean,  its not a method,  its stupidity .

Now the Jerry G thing . its about 150.00 in  random mostly fake aloe rid shampoos and ZYDOT  but  this version uses bleach and dye.  It  frys your head and you will only try this madness one time and shave your head because all your hair will be breaking off.   

 First you use hair dye ,..why?  well they say it has ammonia to open the cuticle.  I know so does regular ammonia or tap water over ph of 7 or for that matter & I thought the tide was for that ?  Then after coloring it your supposed to bleach it, some say bleach first then color (again no clear method really)   and some say do this MULTIPLE TIMES .

  WTF is that ?  what they dont tell you is you will fail when the tech KNOWS your nasty feeling hair with obvious dye job  so they notate the form and the lab does a methlyne blue stain to hair sample and looks at it under a fluoroscope and BAM   they see how FRIED  it is and you fail    UNABLE TO TEST DUE TO HAIR DAMAGE .

 ive seen a picture of 40 volume bleach on the site  of sellers of non nexxus aloe rid...  that shit will burn you!  For them to show a dangerous chemical product  is irresponsible.  The bleaching will probably do some breakdown but at the cost of your hair, which if its fried you can't test it anyway . 

Then you use baking soda , I have no idea why but they will say it opens the hair . OK so how many pointless items is that now that OPEN HAIR ? opening hair does nothing but open the hair , its what goes into it after its open and these "methods"  have no properties that do any metabolizing. 

I hope you have more sense than to listen to random website stoner wanna be scientist  telling you THEIR version of this random madness. You dont need to fry your head just to get light THC  use cleaned up . Truth is THC doesn't transfer well into hair and you must be a regular user and  have a low activity level to store the THC in body fat. So most people who say they smoked and  passed with some shampoo  WOULD HAVE PASSED WITH NO TREATMENT.   As for all chemical drugs  you may see a slight reduction after your hair is broken and fried but I don't think thats going to go over well in the lab.

  If you add up the cost of all the over the counter junk it will run you  $150.00 and over when Hair Razor  Detox is %400 stronger, wont fry your head and cost  80.00 for a set of 20 treatments . A Hair Razor Consultant  will asses your history as WHAT was used and WHEN used last, HOW MUCH on a monthly basis and so on  is what dictates the amount of treatment needed.