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Quest psychmedics cheats testers to inflate positive results against Hair Razor Detox




I have been observing a trend in last year and see more and more results claiming people are POSITIVE on THC screens with a initial SCREEN being ignored.  The way a properly conducted test is run is supposed to be just as Quest CLAIMS they do .

Quest Diagnostics,  uses a two-tiered testing process. First, a portion of the hair specimen is screened using an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) - a reliable and proven methodology for routine drug testing. Secondly, any specimens that are presumptive positive in the screening process are then confirmed, utilizing another portion of the hair specimen, with either gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) or gas chromatography/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (GC/MS/MS)."

Only if and when you are over the cutoff of the initial SCREEN of 1.0pg are they to run a confirmation screen at 0.1pg  . after all their is a reason its call confirmation , you cant confirm something if you never properly screen it initially .

Just like how they lowered cocaine and meth from 500 pg to 300 pg and then added extended opiate panels to get more positives labs are either ignoring the1pg cutoff on initial screen or lowering it to below 1pg  . 

 Unfortunately their is no mandatory guidelines they MUST obey unless its federal like DOT, so they can cheat you and get away with it .   IT IS NOT FAIR NOR HONEST AND WE NEED TO MAKE SOME NOISE . 

 Too many times I have to get people to demand a physical copy and often the labs dont want to give it up as it documents you have been screwed.  

Here are some examples of people who should have been deemed NEGATIVE and were screwed  by quest . 

initial screen cut off 1.0 pg  actual quantitative level  0.7 pg  

initial screen cut off 1.0 pg  actual quantitative level  0.6 pg  

QUANTITATIVE RESULT 0.5 pg   AGAIN UNDER 1.0pg threshold  

from quest  


0.6 is below 1.0 on  SCREEN  so no confirmation is needed   it not would be ran if under threshold 

how do you presume the SCREEN is positive if it is  below threshold ?     you dont unless you skip it . 

SO quest skips initial 1pg screen to test you at 0.1pg basically nothing and we have discovered psychmedics has their own cheating method ...

psychmedics using a ng/ 10mg scale to confuse , the 5pg/10mg is actually equal o 0.5 pg /mg which is HALF the normal threshold of 1pg/mg  . 

Still not enough to keep hair razor from getting a negative result  

UPDATE -  9-11-2018



UPDATE 10-10-2018



these assclowns show no initial cutoff level (1.0 pg ) and a confirmation threshold  of 0.03 !!!  standard is 0.1 pg   WTF 

Quest and psychmedics  are admitting hair razor is effecting their positive  result numbers  by their dishonest practices  .  

Their are PLENTY of Hair Razor users who had same use and passed and they document it on our Hair Razor Reviews page 

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Hair Razor Detox Reviews (past year )

Just some of the more recent  %100 legit reviews

Most Recent Reviews sent in

 Sent   4-8-2021       

December 2020 - 3 grams of cocaine and two marijuana joints
January 2021 - 2 grams of cocaine and one marijuana joint

Hi there. Sorry for delay

Hello and wow thank you so much. I was sceptical, I have to say, having seen how many charlatans, fraudsters and snake oil salesmen there are out there, trading on people’s desperation and making a load of false promises in order to get rich quick. Thank heavens for Hair Razor, you are the real deal and your product did exactly what you said it was going to do. Yes, it required some time and effort. But I heeded the advice in your consultation, I followed your instructions, and lo and behold, the magic happened! My hair test came back with nothing but “Negatives”. Hallelujah!

Most sane, rational people are aware that current drug laws are archaic and deprive the individual of his/her right to make their own choice of what substances they inhale/ingest. No-one should be on the receiving end of prejudice for exercising their free will to take this or that drug. So long as one isn’t harming anyone else, a person should be free to take whatever drug they want, and not live in fear of losing out on a job or any other life opportunity as a result. The Hair Razor team should be commended for their help in righting this wrong. Your excellent product serves to remedy a huge injustice and that is a great, great thing.

As for the specifics of my treatment…. Over a three month period I had smoked a few joints, did a little bit of MDMA and celebrated Christmas and New Year with a few grams of the old disco dust. You advised me to do over 40 washes and that’s exactly what I did. If I’m honest, I ignored your directive to divide my scalp into different areas and be utterly methodical in the application. I just covered my whole head in your product and that seemed to do the trick.

To all you desperate people out there facing a hair test, I would say this. Don’t waste your time and money on Macujo or any other treatments that claim to wash drug use out of your hair. These websites are just exploiting your misery and making money out of your desperation. YOU CANNOT WASH DRUGS OUT OF YOUR HAIR. SO DON’T EVEN TRY. What you can do, as those smart folk at Hair Razor explain, is METABOLIZE THE METABOLITES. That’s the answer. The only answer. I’m not affiliated with the company in any way, so don’t be suspicious of my hard sell here. I’m just a very relieved, really grateful individual who has benefited immensely from using Hair Razor’s products. They are, in a word, a GODSEND!

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Sent  1-18-2021 the way I have literally referenced you guys to like 30 people. You guys are legit. Keep making my word look good!!! Lol... thanks.

Sent 1-6-2021

opiates   (no details)

I have ordered hair razor detox 2 times an I have passed both times

SENT  11-30-20

Cocaine 1gram almost daily everyday for past several months

Bleach and dye at least 5x in past 2 weeks with MM method everyday for past 4 days

initially told them your going to fail due to hair damage  and i was correct

Well my test results came back...

The sample submitted could not be tested due to severe cosmetic damage😁 I'm pretty sure that was from bleaching alone as I had only done the other method 2 maybe 3x in the days leading up to the test. The day before and day of test I also used stat detox shampoo and ultra clean. I bleached my hair at least 5 or 6x in 2 wks and dyed it 3x


  Sent 10-10-2020

Hello, I've used your products not too long ago and passed the 5 panel with extended opiates test with no problem.

Sent  10-7-2020

Meth 30 grams last month

I did 40 treatments.

Hey I just got the results back from my 10 panel hair drug screening. I showed negative for meth, cocaine and opiates. Which is a miracle. (failed to mention coc and opiate BTW )

Thank you 



 Sent 11-20-2020

initial test for 10,799pg cocaine 
I took a home hair follicle test last week and it came back negative.  I used three triple sets of hair razor on all of my hair.
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Sent  9-22-2020

Thank you. This product is the absolute best, I followed all the instructions, and got about 40 treatments in and I took my own hair test on hairconfirm and I passed. I’m ready for my real exam in about a week!
SENT  9-29-2020

I took a hair test from lab corp and had 3.32ng of morphine

Yes it was after confirmation. And yes just straight morphine (I called and asked if it was from anything else, they said no, it’s straight morphine). I have no idea how. I’ve never knowingly taken that. As I said in my first consult, I did a bunch of Fentanyl from the street so maybe there was traces in that.

here are my PRE and Post treatment labs




  Sent 5-14-2020

Cocaine 50 grams ....  I KNOW   

pre test was 57,600 pg !   (NOTE :  This is a 3 months total  60,0000pg/mg is 6 gram average  a month   

we have pretest levels  print out ..)

You guys are amazing!!! Results came back negative with zero trace of any metabolites!! (120 washes)

Thank you!!!

Sent  4-21-2020

​I went ahead and got the full set and used it all. Went to a lab to get  it done and they sent it to Quest. Results came back NEGATIVE (under 300pg for Cocaine).

Your product is a LIFE SAVER. 

Thanks again!


Sent 2-19-2020

List each drug and the amounts in grams for EACH Month, for the last 3 months ( not a total) *

Month 1

0 pot

2.5 grams coke

38 mg Xanax

Month 2

14 gram pot (cartridge use daily as well) one cartridge per week

2 grams coke

Month 3

14 gram pot (daily cartridge use) 1 cartridge per week

2 grams coke

consult would have been for average of 50 treatments based on 2.5 g coke  (  12 per g so thats 40 ish and she   passed with 40 . 60 is average  a triple set gets,  for short hair  its 45 average

Thank you so much! I passed a test. ( I may have to take another one and i am paranoid because I wore a hat that I wore when I was dirty. Is that a legitimate concern?  not really  I would to like to buy a half set just in case.)I don’t think I got the 60 out of it because my hair is thick and I was overusing product I think. But did enough treatments     ( he only needed 40  )

Sent  8/21/18,

Ok.....first off like everyone  else I had my doubts about any product that could do what  you guys claim could happen. At first I researched and found

 the Mac method  plus old school aloe rid and was actually  about to subject myself to some of the most stupidest and  ridiculous treatment at an incredible price. Then I came  across Hair razor on a forum and thankfully I trusted the  info and reviews.

Now I am one who has done it and can say  it is 100% legit. Don't look any further people please.  Kudos to your group!

By the way follow the directions ( vasaline on neck an dears) . The shit will burn the ever living piss out of your ears. Took a  week for them to heal. 

 Thank you 

> I g/month 80% THC cartridge.  prescribed 10  treatments HAIR FOLLICLE MULTI-DRUG  TESTHairConfirm test results are  anonymous and for personal use only. HairConfirm test  results cannot be used in court or legal proceedings. 


 DRUG TEST RESULTS      Qty  Found     Negative 

  A negative result indicates that none  of the drugs listed were detected at a concentration equal

 to or greater than their listed cutoff  levels. 

Sent 9/4/18,


Used marijuana. About 3 grams per  1-2  months for a couple years. Two months before test I was  using the cartridge pens. Over two months I used 3-4 of the  .5 ml cartridges with 395 milligrams of thc in them but was  not using any regular weed or any other drugs at all.  Quit smoking 23 days before hair test.

 Female with Very thick long blonde  hair, ordered a triple set due to how much hair I have  growing on the crown (back) of my head. Was told to do 6

treatments, I did 7. Used almost all of the step 1. When I  did the treatments i sectioned off my hair and only did the  back so I would not waste product. The psychemedics lab  tested me and from 3 sections of my head. Back left, back  center and back right. Followed directions precisely and  luckily with the help of friends they would do the  applications for me.

 Worth the money, don't waste your time  or money on any other method, be honest in your consult and  follow every direction exactly as it is written 

Sent 9-5, 2018,


 Okay I just wanted to express my sheer  gratitude for this product. I used approximately .25 grams  of methamphetamines 60 days prior to my test. I got a

consult and was told I only needed to do a few treatments. I  did 5, and got the results today that I passed! I am over  the moon happy because I had everything on the line. I am  going to continue my path to sobriety as I never want to  feel the way I have felt awaiting the results again!

Thanks for everything!

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Sent 8-11-17

 wanted to let you know your product is the greatest and probably only solution to the hair test problem out there. I wish I had done a pretest before I started treatment but here's my story:

Had a drug test for a dream job in early May, I had been vaporizing marijuana multiple times a day every day for about 9 years with a couple brief periods of quitting when I could have possibly been tested before. I can pass a urine test in about 8 days due to being extremely active and having low body fat.

showed up on test day and almost shit my pants when they brought the scissors out. Needless to say it didn't go well. I didn't get what my failure rate was but I was informed I failed... I'm assuming I bombed it hard. Back to vaping on my normal schedule and fast forward to the end of July.

Found out I might have another chance at the same job with a different place. Did tons of research online and happen to be lucky enough to find your product. Didn't get a baseline test ( wish I had) but performed 9 treatments and mailed in my sample to hairconfirm. Positive result with .29pg which is technically a pass but by the time I had gotten my result had already done another 6 treatments bringing my grand total to 15 treatments. Mailed in a new hairconfirm test and got the results: all negative with 16 days clean.

I can't believe much information out there saying the hair test is unbeatable or that you have to destroy your hair to beat them. I feel like more people need to know that there is hope and your product is it!

Sent 7-28

So I used the product and recently went to a lab to be tested. The test was done by Quest Diagnostics and the results came back negative. 

Dabs/wax approximately 2-3 grams per month

​Sent 6-15 -17 

 Hello, I wanted to tell you because of your product I passed my hair test, and wanted to tell you thank you so much for all the quick responses you gave me. 

Ectasy- 1 g , Cocaine- 2 g,  Weed-10g  ,

Sent 7-6-20174

Approximately 0.5 grams of cocaine once per week for four weeks in a row starting six weeks ago.

Thank you!
I passed that test from last week!!!! I am so grateful to you. 

Sent 5-30-2017

 On the last test I had

Benzo316  ,Cocaine 416

After 40 treatments I just got my test back and it was a big fat ass NEGATIVE!!!!

Thank you for your help a lot was riding on this for me. You have a great product and I would recommend it to anyone. God bless

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I passed it!

 there was NOTHING in it. 

Sent 5-24-2017

For anyone searching for help...Look no further...THIS IS IT!!

I've never written a review, so here goes. 1g a day high grade bud every day for most of my adult life. Stopped smoking March 23. 29 years old, long thick hair down to the middle of my back.

 Mac method and jerry g was OUT OF THE QUESTION! I wanted to keep my beautiful hair. Searched for hours and came across hair detox/passitkit. Like any of you, I was skeptical only because bs detox shampoos in the past have failed. This is no ordinary bs shampoo. These people handle your history exactly how it needs to be handled.

I took a hair confirm test on April 29, results came back 3.72pg. I thought I was fkd. Got a consult and ordered a double set. Busted out 39 treatments before test day. Followed directions EXACTLY. Any questions I had, I received a quick response. Test May 20, results came back on May 24 negative for everything! Hell yeah, HAIR RAZOR! THANK YOU! I will be a customer for life!!