Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Hair Detox " METHODS", Created to Sell "Scampoo"

 That's right the long refereed to METHODS of random items of endless combinations touted by clueless internet forum gurus was created to peddle worthless commercial shampoo like Aloe Rid . 

Youve all seen them, wither it be the mac method or Jerry G or what ever, chances are you will find mountains of people who take these things and add their own items, as if it in any way matters. What you always find in common with the random list of STUFF is a Shampoo.  Whoever is pushing the Method it just happens that they are selling a shampoo. A shampoo that when sold by itself is admitted to be worthless if you have real use. like gram a day thc or god forbid your needing to detox Cocaine use from your hair. 


The Scampoo peddlers will sell you a product that is just a Commercial shampoo, probably some aloe rid knock off . These METHOD gurus typically use some aloe rid copy cat product as it was the original SCAMPOO used in the first METHOD.  Thats why it is still pushed as it has the longest history in the mythology of scampoo . Regardless of the METHOD and its random list of pointless items they all are created to sell Commercial shampoo no different than SUAVE .


Some push the magical bar code myth and the propalyne glycol nonsense. PG is just a wetting agent used in every dam product. you can but it in pure form by a vap shop for 4.00 so why is the SCAMPOO sold  for hundreds of dollars? Then they tell you its only going to help if you buy a hundred dollars worth of random household items and use in a unknown amount.


YES  im pushing a product  DUHH ,  But im NOT a douche bag whos  trying to convince you to buy suave and tide to pass a vitally important hair follicle test


 Get a Hair razor detox consultation to find out what you need to pass a hair follicle drug test for meth , cocaine , opiates or THC .