Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Looking for free or cheap way to detox your hair from drugs ?


 I understand you see these 200.00+ aloe shampoos and you're not able to afford that . Which is  a good thing   Because the aloe scampoo are only commercial shampoo that CAN NOT detox drugs from your hair and direct you to use a list of random junk to make up for what you just pay'd 200 bucks for .  WTF?  yes you pay 200 and then they tell you any REAL USE requires you to buy 50.00 more of random stuff . SO BE GLAD YOU CAN T AFFORD IT   . BECAUSE YOU'RE PROBABLY GOING TO FAIL ANYWAY

 Now you go looking online for a cheap way and you get all these stoner kids telling you stoner things like BLEACH IT ... STOP RIGHT THERE....  PANIC BLEACHING IS DUMBER THAN THE SCAMPOO .

Panic bleaching or any other mac method is not a METHOD it is random items that damage hair and damaging hair does not equate destroying metabolites.   you will fail from damaged hair and then you learn you have to do something else,  that's when people come to us and then we have to say SORRY you damaged your hair from bleach or fried it from some method and it may not hold up to hair razor treatment .  

we have to turn folks away dam near every other day because of these CHEAP ways they picked up on the internet and the thing is most are within a low enough level we could have fix it all properly for a 40.00 set of hair razor which is just as affordable as bleach and zit wash and a trip to the barber to shave your fried ass hair . 


SO  First I suggest you get a Hair Razor consultation to see IF YOU EVEN NEED TREATMENT  because a large ass majority of scampoo users are low random use THC users who WERE NOT DIRTY  in the first place  so when they claim they passed from some scampoo they are making false ignorant statements due to NONE OF THEM having a pretest to prove they had real levels . 

With a Hair Razor Consultation you will know if and exactly how much treatment for YOUR PERSONAL USE HISTORY is needed  something NONE OF THE OTHERS CAN DO  



Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Why Panic Bleaching for hair follicle test is a bad idea

 Im writing this because while doing the days Hair Razor Detox consultations i had THREE people who not knowing what to do did the worse thing possible ... LISTEN TO FOOLS ONLINE AND BLEACH THEIR HAIR !  

Why is bleaching your hair so bad ?  

Well because most follow foolish stuff like mac  or jerry g method   suggesting you bleach and or use random nonsense like tide laundry detergent and zit wash ( very scientific...NOT)  ...and re color...and bleach again ... now your hair is FRIED you go and fail the test anyway and whats worse is they are still using . so they destroyed their hair and still dirty .  THATS WHY .  



Apparently people are not aware you can fail a hair follicle test from bleaching and random harsh "methods"    until they get a lab result that s says " Hair sample to damaged to process"  .


                                Actual customer after loosing hair to mac method



list ANY chemical treatments done to hair in last few months ?
Bleach and dye. I had really long hair but I cut my hair off. Bleach was after I knew my level. Test was not able to be done. Now I have to get another one.

list ANY chemical treatments done to hair in last few months ?
Bleached my hair over there months ago that caused such damage I had to cut hair off short because it was falling out


list ANY chemical treatments done to hair in last few months ?
Bleach and dye. I had really long hair but I cut my hair off. Bleach was after I knew my level. Test was not able to be done. Now I have to get another one. 


uhhhhh you did not need to cut hair they only keep the first 1.5" to test   i only care that the first 2 " is not damaged  😬

Right, I knew that but for some idiotic reason, I bleached all of my hair again. I only cut it bc after that the ends were so fried it wasn’t manageable. It was breaking off anyway so I basically had to chop it off. It’ll grow back and I’m thinking of getting some extensions until it does. Thanks a bunch!  Arrived today so I’m going to get started tonight! 

now it becomes a matter of how long since you bleached and WHEN is test to see if we can cut out fried hair and treat it properly .   

 SO I hope you find this info BEFORE you panic bleach your hair for a drug test. Even if you did we suggest you still submit a consultation form  to see if we can fix this . 


Hair Razor Detox is not a scham aloe rid commercial shampoo it is a 20 year old proven process to destroy metabolites not wash your hair .  


 We also have many many who panic buy the  first heavily marketed  product they see all over the place which is fake aloe rid shampoo then they do research and find that aloe rid is just shampoo and what you payed 200 + for was just a knock off of a commercial aloe rid shampoo .    AGAIN  PANIC BUYING BEFORE LEARNING THINGS .


Get your fast easy online consultation form  and get real information for a real treatment for your hair follicle drug test   Hair Razor Detox