Sunday, October 6, 2019

why Hair Razor Detox isnt sold elsewhere like other products


I’m about to order your product tomorrow morning, I have another question? Why is your product not found all over as a certain shampoo. There’s barely any posts about it, and I seem to only see your reviews only on your website. Any reasoning behind this. I’m without a doubt buying the product but I was just wondering about that when I did my research.

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We do not sell our product thru online headshops or other places like tru "affiliates" because  UNLIKE anything else, this is a legit product, not a  aloe rid KNOCKOFF or random method that requires you to use stuff from under your sink ( what does that say about a product anyway? ) 

We,  UNLIKE OTHERS  HAVE to do a consultation  because everyones use and situations are different

What YOU should be asking is WHY DONT THEY  Do things that Hair Razor Does  Such as Provide Reviews from actaul customers who are so satisfied they send in their LAB RESULTS prooving they were dirty in the first place and that they passed thier hair follicle test?


I was referring to reviews such as YouTube videos of people telling their story with product, Reddit posts, forums etc. Basically why do I don’t see a lot of content about the product on the internet like the other methods?    Why is Hair razor such a unknown product?   Like I said before I will be ordering a set tomorrow.

 REAL people for one DONT WANT THEIR NAME/ FACE  PUBLIC  about using this,   We dont sell t shirts,  people do leave reviews with us because we give them assured privacy when posting their  ACTUAL LAB RESULTS.  What you really need to understand about forum post that claim they passed using some shampoo is  they NEVER show pre test results showing they were actually dirty . This may be the review is fake or that as in THE MAJORITY of cases your talking about a person who THINKS they were dirty from a one time THC use . 

THC DOES NOT TRANSFER TO HAIR WITHOUT REPEATED USE .  In short, most who panic buy these aloe rid knock off shampoos were not dirty in the first place, they assume they were then tell people on forums they passed creating a falsehood.

Same with these METHODS  that only exist to sell the shampoo . The shampoo can't do anything without the METHOD STUFF so what good is it?   can you see what a circle jerk this is ?

   FORUMS  are the worst,  bunch of 23 year old pot heads who think they are PHD in chemistry  .  Kids  claim they "passed " ( but no proof or proof they were dirty in first place )  and %90 + are admitted LOW USE THC and DO NOT NEED ANY PRODUCT, we turn away half dozen people a day because WE DONT THINK THEY NEED IT. So when people go on about how  product ( method) xyz worked on a forum ,...  THEY ARE WRONG, THEY COULD HAVE USED MOTOR OIL AND MAYONNAISE and PASSED  BECAUSE THEY DIDNT NEED ANYTHING IN THE FIRST PLACE.  


   BUT ALOE RID KNOCKOFFS WONT TELL YOU THAT, THEY SELL YOU A shampoo formula no different than suave AND YOU THINK IT WORKED and people who were actually dirty fail .

We have reviews with ACTUAL TEST RESULTS   DO ANY OF THEM ?  We have BEFORE AND AFTER LAB RESULTS showing people had LEGIT HEAVY USE and then got rid of it all .  DO THEY?