Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Free Aloe Rid Shampoo and Treatment Gel

The shysters know your desperate and will take advantage of that by ripping you off for 100.00  to 200.00  for a bottle of SHAMPOO !!?   None of these clueless scammers  selling this stuff even know that aloe rid was a two part product that stopped production in 2006.

 Oh sure they tell you Aloe rid this and aloe rid that and oh after you spend STUPID amounts of money for SHAMPOO  ( nothing magic) then you read you also need some zydot ultra clean product which is  ?  ALOE RID TREATMENT GEL  and a tiny single use package at that.

Then you fail your drug test anyway because YOU had more than a few uses of weed and thats all its going to help .  ( SEE testimonials from home remedy and aloe rid users who failed test on our testimonials page)

Hair Razor finds this practice disgusting and so much so that we include the original formula of BOTH the Aloe rid shampoo and treatment gel ( aka zydot ultra clean  ) to our already NUMBER 1 Hair Detox Treatment .

 So to save you from additional cost and   time  we include both aloe rid product formulas in the Hair Razor Detox Treatment.

Get a free fast Consultation from Hair Razor and you will be told what you need for YOUR use and YOUR current situation .  something else NONE of the shampoo peddlers can do .

Friday, March 17, 2017

Another home methode nightmare story

I get these a couple times a week but wanted to share this as they had actual level to report from these random item home remedy desperation attempts . The person was using meth at 4-6 grams a month . 

They originally tried a detox SHAMPOO from the head shop , which i can tell you now will do nothing for meth folks .  so results came back at over 6000 pg /mg  WOW !

Now comes the desperation and typical surfing the WEB for advise from all the NOT SO EDUCATED  legion of people who think putting out this dangerous info is in anyway helping people. 

The following is cut directly from their consultation 

Started in October Detox from head shop n took hair follicle for court- Failed with meth levels at 6,000 for a 6 month test and also amphetamines.... (I had also been taking Pain Killers and this did not show in my results) not a extended panel 

I stopped using Meth at the beginning of December for over 2 weeks but started back using for a week before test that i had at the end of December. 
I Cut My Hair to right under ear length and then I did Hair Detox from head shop again and

Also home remedy treatments with tide and facial cleanse , then  dying hair etc  and  then more hair detox from shop. I even poured Straight Bleach on my head and Cried for 10 minutes while it set my scalp on fire. 

Also did the salon bleach treatment then dyed hair and Restripped hair again with another bleach kit and washed once More with Detox shampoo after. 

Then I went for My test at the end of December, This was All So Rough on my head that it left blisters n sores on my scalp! After All this trouble I went in for a personal test and still failed with levels of Meth at 1,000 for a 3 month hair test!

SO MULTIPLE bleaching,   dying, striping  and  shampoos even clorox  (
 Sodium hypochlorite ) and result was a % 17  reduction  

all this probably costing easy over 200 all to blister your head?  when a 6 g a month use would be a easy , single set of hair razor at 80.00 and 12 hours of pain free time.   

Still think unknown know it all on the web are who you should be listening to ?  

before you go down that road get a hair detox consultation so your individual use can be assessed and a safe treatment can be suggested  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Propylene glycol hair detox myth

Why high Propylene glycol shampoos like Aloe Rid Do nothing for hair detox 

Well this is what Propylene glycol Really is . 

Propylene glycol is a clear, colorless and hygroscopic liquid.

The freezing point of water is depressed when mixed with propylene glycol owing to the effects of dissolution of a solute in a solvent (freezing-point depression); in general, glycols are non-corrosive, have very low volatility and very low toxicity.
PPG is used in many formulations for polyurethanes. It is used as a rheology modifier.
PPG is used as a surfactant, wetting agent, dispersant in leather finishing.
PPG is also employed as a tuning reference and calibrant in mass spectrometry.
PPG is used as a primary ingredient in the manufacture of paintballs.

Forty-five percent of propylene glycol produced is used as chemical feedstock for the production of unsaturated polyester resins

Propylene glycol is also used in various edible items such as coffee-based drinks, liquid sweeteners, ice cream, whipped dairy products and soda.[12][13] Vaporizers used for delivery of pharmaceuticals or personal-care products often include propylene glycol among the ingredients.[5] Propylene glycol is used as a solvent in many pharmaceuticals, including oralinjectable and topical formulations, such as for diazepam and lorazepam which are insoluble in water.
Like ethylene glycol, propylene glycol is able to lower the freezing point of water, and so it is used as aircraft de-icing fluid.
 Propylene glycol is frequently used as a substitute for ethylene glycol in low toxicity, environmentally friendly automotive antifreeze.

Propylene glycol is just a wetting agent as far as shampoo is concerned 

 A substance is referred to as a wetting agent if it lowers the surface tension of a liquid and thus allows it to spread more easily.

It has no special powers or abilities to break down drug metabolites . The myth came about from all the interweb psudo scientist who as far as i can tell randomly picked it off the ingredient list of aloe rid assuming it must be the magic ingredient .  SORRY but their is no magic ingredient aloe rid is just shampoo no different than suave aloe for 2.00 . 

otherwise you could just go to the vap shop or order a bottle online pour on your head and walla your magically clean .  

AGAIN aloe rid works only for people with LOW THC use . Because THC requires repeat use to even get to the hair as it does not incorporate well at all . the aloe rid folks also are ALWAYS part of the mac method cult who screw their hair up with crap like TIDE and bleach and god know what other random list of nonsense that if they have low levels and apply this rap it will lower levels by %40 and if you are only %30 from cut off it worked but it WILL NOT WORK FOR HEAVY USE OR HARD DRUG USE.  

I have asked ever peddler of this aloe rid Propylene glycol claim  to explain what it does thats so special but that invite to exercise critical thinking is never answered . 

Does Hair Razor use propylene glycol ?  of course , how else are we going to liquefy the Salicylic acid ,...but then thats real chemistry stuff not interweb stoner nonsense .

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Detox Shampoo Scams

TEST CLEAR  - 150.00
 Aloe Rid Shampoo SCAM 


The Aloe RId Treatment we provide for free is %3 EDTA  , The "special" aloe rid shampoo is  % 0.5 . This is the only active ingredient in aloe rid shampoo .

The MYTH of propalyne glycol having some magical power is BULL  it is a wetting agent it does not remove or break ANYTHING down.  just more internet idiocracy spewed out by kids on the internet who have no clue what they are talking about . 


The truth most do not know about so called hair follicle detox shampoo is that All shampoos including shampoos like OMNI, Zydot  Ultra Kleen and Toxin Wash   are the same over the counter green Nexxus aloe rid Clarifying shampoo and  are incapable of doing anything other than low THC use  shown in this hair follicle detox shampoo study.  ( actually nexxus doesnt make aloe rid any more so all these products they are selling is china made knock off  aloe rid or suave re bottled with or with out green coloring ) 

Hair Razor Detox is not a shampoo but a two step chemical application that destroys or Metabolizes the metabolites .

Hair Razor is now a 3 part treatment with pre treatment of original Nexxus Aloe Rid Treatment Gel  formula as a pre treatment at no extra cost.  We also sell the Aloe Rid Treatment formula for the mac methoders at only 20.00 for a 2oz. bottle ( not 150.00 for 5 oz like testclear or the ebay sharks)

Many of these shampoo products tell you to use other store bough shampoos or household products first  with their so called detox shampoo,  proving the shampoo doesn't do its job.  

Simple fact , it takes certain chemicals to metabolize properties and with drug use that's a handful of items .

  Methamphetamine metabolites are destroyed differently than the THC metabolite. The number of treatments depends on the metabolites in question and history of use in past 3 months. Treatments are limited to 30 min ( 15 minutes of each step) .

Step One blows open follicle while metabolizing ,  The second step while metabolizing  also repairs step one .

Recent sample of consult that mentions use and treatment with shampoos which did seems to help with low thc but not opiates
"oxycodone 30mg almost every day for first 2 months, most recent month 60-90 mg a week

Recently took hair follicle test 4/5/16 after using aloe rid (old formula) purchased from testclear.com, for 7 days 2x/day prior to test  and zydot ultra clean the day of test. I Had been clean for 15 days prior to test and was positive for oxycodone with a level of 975 pg/mg."
NOw I have to add this person did not mention THC levels and shampoo has a %30 decrease, so as long as use is low aloe shampoos  will work for THC but most people who claim they pass a THC test with shampoos had a very low use and most probably would have passed with nothing .

Everyone has different use history and only  Hair Razor Detox has two formulas to metabolize all drug metabolites. Your use determines amount of treatment you need. You don't get have heavy use for months and think you can just wash your hair and in one day you can pass a test .

It can take from a few days to a few weeks to treat depending on YOUR history . 

Hair Razor product has been around for 16 years, The site that sells Hair Razor Detox keeps low key and does not sell to every online head shop and detox store because no one else can properly consult you . Do this right and check them out.

A Quick hair detox consult will tell you what treatment amount is required.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Quest psychmedics cheats testers to inflate positive results against Hair Razor Detox

I have been observing a trend in last year and see more and more results claiming people are POSITIVE on THC screens with a initial SCREEN being ignored.  The way a properly conducted test is run is supposed to be just as Quest CLAIMS they do .

Quest Diagnostics,  uses a two-tiered testing process. First, a portion of the hair specimen is screened using an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) - a reliable and proven methodology for routine drug testing. Secondly, any specimens that are presumptive positive in the screening process are then confirmed, utilizing another portion of the hair specimen, with either gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) or gas chromatography/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (GC/MS/MS)."

Only if and when you are over the cutoff of the initial SCREEN of 1.0pg are they to run a confirmation screen at 0.1pg  . after all their is a reason its call confirmation , you cant confirm something if you never properly screen it initially .

Just like how they lowered cocaine and meth from 500 pg to 300 pg and then added extended opiate panels to get more positives labs are either ignoring the1pg cutoff on initial screen or lowering it to below 1pg  . 

 Unfortunately their is no mandatory guidelines they MUST obey unless its federal like DOT, so they can cheat you and get away with it .   IT IS NOT FAIR NOR HONEST AND WE NEED TO MAKE SOME NOISE . 

 Too many times I have to get people to demand a physical copy and often the labs dont want to give it up as it documents you have been screwed.  

Here are some examples of people who should have been deemed NEGATIVE and were screwed  by quest . 

initial screen cut off 1.0 pg  actual quantitative level  0.7 pg  

initial screen cut off 1.0 pg  actual quantitative level  0.6 pg  

QUANTITATIVE RESULT 0.5 pg   AGAIN UNDER 1.0pg threshold  

from quest  


0.6 is below 1.0 on  SCREEN  so no confirmation is needed   it not would be ran if under threshold 

how do you presume the SCREEN is positive if it is  below threshold ?     you dont unless you skip it . 

SO quest skips initial 1pg screen to test you at 0.1pg basically nothing and we have discovered psychmedics has their own cheating method ...

psychmedics using a ng/ 10mg scale to confuse , the 5pg/10mg is actually equal o 0.5 pg /mg which is HALF the normal threshold of 1pg/mg  . 

Still not enough to keep hair razor from getting a negative result  

Quest and psychmedics  are admitting hair razor is effecting their positive  result numbers  by their dishonest practices  .  

Their are PLENTY of Hair Razor users who had same use and passed and they document it on our Hair Razor Reviews page 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mac Method Hair Detox Explained & Exposed


[meth-uh d]


orderly or systematic arrangement, sequence, or the like.

I recently saw someone post their suggestion at doing a mac method hair treatment. This person started listing all the random over the counter household and acne products and then, they said  Spic and Span !   Uhhh ok, as usual every couple years I  hear this Method being mentioned with a addition or change.  This is the nature of the net and peoples use of it to try to make themselves look smarter than they really are.

So pot head #1 puts random group of shit on a list and calls it a Method.  Then pot head #2  wanting to show how he thinks he's more knowing in separating hair molecules with fucking clean and clear zit wash adds or changes it,  post it on net and the cycle continues.  Now sure, you look around and you will find the purest who will tout the original random bunch of crap to be the only and true way, and for them there is a special place in hell.   

So as to make my point and simplify  things ( I hope) I will show there is no METHODE , no logical systematic way of sequence,  I  will go over the mc cujo,  macujo , maccujo, maccogo or the MAC METHOD( they cant even get the name one way ) , home remedy hair detox thingy as they come up on search results and post all the different list of random shit to this scientific method . oh and there is also the Jerry G method cuzz  im sure some deuch will say i didn't mention that one .

First page of google results I found these variation of the "mac method"  for sake of  time I wont post every variation, this should make my point .

1 Aloe Rid ,  Clean and Clear pink ,   Tide liquid , Heinz vinegar

2 Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser ( aloe rid shampoo) , ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo ( aloe rid shampoo),  Neutrogina TSal Shampoo ( shampoo with salicylic acid %3 )  , Apple cider vinegar , Tide original Liquid Laundry Detergent, Baking soda

3  Vinegar , clean & clear pink , tide  , Paul Mitchell three , all the stuff to bleach and dye hair with

So you see finding a true method would require a consistent list for which to prove it. This does not,  but we will go to the original mac and jerry g method for OUR SOURCE on this break down of foolishness.

mac method  
nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo ( all alo rid products ended or were reformulated in 2006 even so it was only good for low use THC.)   

Tide detergent  - ( would open cuticle and breakdown oils but thats it)

Heinz white vinegar   (must be Heinz ?)  Minimal THC metabolisms'  will get all over your head

clean and clear PINK    ( salicylic acid %2)  also Tsal shampoo contains %3 salicylic acid and sometimes they tell you to use both ,  which is pointless)

The way its generally explained is the vinegar and clean and clear  create pours and damage hair  creating cracks in the cuticle   ( ok step one BREAK hair? )  with clean and clear pink over the counter at %3 salicylic acid ?  I don't think that's going to break anything, thank god .

AND THEN THEIR IS THE PH OF TSAL WHICH MAKES IT  %0.68  NOT %3  AS EXPLAINED IN THIS BLOG  hair-detox-salicylic-acid-and-effect-of Ph

Note: The vinegar will have some effect and in fact the most effect of all these ingredients. It is the only one doing THC breakdown but its water so its going to get all over your head and your scalp will turn fire red and thats before all the other shit coming your way .

Then The Aloe rid shampoo because its main component is propylene glycol and that opens the cuticle and removes metabolites.


Im a lab tech and I know dam well it will not wash out metabolites. Metabolites are not released or washed away, this IS PART OF YOUR HAIR the metabolites are not on the hair like dirt .

Propylene glycol is a wetting agent and it is a weak penetrating agent. It only takes a substance over 7.0 ph to OPEN the cuticle so yes it would open the cuticle when applied with water but SO WHAT ! As if you open the hair up the metabolites will fall out?

 Then with the TIDE detergent  they don't explain what it does but some will say it opens the hair,  as it will because its over 7 ph, but going by this theory or method wouldn't you use it first ?, and if the aloe rid opens then hair what's the tide for ?  This is the same as people who say use clean and clear then  follow with  Tsal when they have same shit in them at useless levels .  It makes as much scientific sense as saying Drink pepsi and then drink coke.   This is what I mean,  its not a method,  its stupidity .

Now the Jerry G thing . its about 150.00 in worthless TOXON WASH and ZYDOT  but  this one uses bleach and dye.  It  frys your head and you will only try this madness one time and shave your head because all your hair will be breaking off.  

First you use hair dye ,..why?  well they say it has ammonia to open the cuticle.  I know so does regular ammonia or tap water over ph of 7 or for that matter & I thought the tide was for that ?.  Then after coloring it your supposed to bleach it, some say bleach first then color (again no clear method really)   and some say do this MULTIPLE TIMES .  ive seen a picture of 40 volume bleach on the testclear site  that shit will burn you!  For them to show a dangerous chemical product  is irresponsible.  The bleaching will probably do some breakdown but at the cost of your hair, which if its fried you can't test it anyway . 

Then after you fry it you wash it with TOXIN WASH ( green shampoo  and tide )  and, Zydot which is also aloe rid green shampoo ( shown in study on detox shampoos  to only have %30 reduction of THC and far less for other items ) . So this method has you use two products that are very destructive to the hair and then two shampoos that are THE SAME .

Then you use baking soda , I have no idea why but they will say it opens the hair . OK so how many pointless items is that now that OPEN HAIR ? opening hair does nothing but open the hair , its what goes into it after its open and these "methods"  have no properties that do any metabolizing.
I hope you have more sense than to listen to random website stoner wanna be scientist  telling you THEIR version of this random madness. You dont need to fry your head just to get light THC  use cleaned up . Truth is THC doesn't transfer well into hair and you must be a regular user and  have a low activity level to store the THC in body fat. So most people who say they smoked and  passed with some shampoo  WOULD HAVE PASSED WITH NO TREATMENT.   As for all chemical drugs  you may see a slight reduction after your hair is broken and fried but I don't think thats going to go over well in the lab.

  If you add up the cost of all the over the counter junk it will run you  $150.00 and over when Hair Razor  Detox is %400 stronger, wont fry your head and cost  80.00 for a set of 20 treatments . A Hair Razor Consultant  will asses your history as WHAT was used and WHEN used last, HOW MUCH on a monthly basis and so on  is what dictates the amount of treatment needed. 


We are now Selling the Original Aloe Rid Treatment Formula and we will not be financially raping you like the ebay sharks . You can now purchase a 2oz. Bottle for 20.00 + (7.00 USPS 2-3 day priority shipping)

See we are good sports,  if a mac method is what you want to do then we will take the greatest cost out of it for you . However we will be adding the Aloe Rid Treatment formula to the Hair Razor Treatment as a pretreatment at NO EXTRA COST.  

Friday, December 2, 2016

Hair Detox salicylic acid and effect of ph

I was explaining how ph effects potency of beta hydroxy acids  ( salicylic acid)  the other day to someone and though id do a short explanation for you  on how  this ph stuff  effects the acid. I mean none of the SHAMPOO  people use it because they are not formulating a true product just re-bottling shampoo . Home remedy "methods" do suggest it but they dont understand the science and are just throwing random items at the hair .

Now I was mentioning to this person how salicylic acid is just ONE acid property used in Hair Razor Detox   and  how others product makers dont have a clue what they are doing . I mentioned Toxin wash as an example but any detox shampoo is the same.

My point was that Toxin wash  instructs you to use dish soap and TGEL  prior to using toxin wash ,... WHY ? why are the properties of TGEL or dawn dish soap for that matter  not in the toxin wash ?

BECAUSE THEY DONT FORMULATE their own product its just shampoo  .

Furthermore  TGEL is worthless and they should at least suggest TSAL ,  showing not only do they not formulate anything they dont even understand the science of the chemicals .

 Neutragena  TSAL is far less effective than home method touters think 

After making this point i went on to explain how even the "mac method"  home remedy type detox suggest salicylic acid and being they can only get it over the counter at 2-3% they generally use neutragena  TSAL %3 being the (supposed ) strongest product .

 You see salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid and like similar acids the PH determines the  FAV or Free available value  .

 Salicylic acid  has a  ph  of  2.8 and  begins to loose it potency  at ph of 3 and is useless by ph 4 .

Now, if you multiply the percentage of free acid by the concentration of Salicylic acid present in the bottle, you can work out how much is ready to pass through your hair.

Hair Razor  using just the salicylic acid  as one example ( other properties we wont mention actually do more)  has a % 4  value at ph 2.5  ( %90 available of the % 4 solution) and 

 Neutragena TSAL  %3  at ph of 3.5   leaves only  % 0.68  Free available  acid  so its more like  % 0.5 solution .

Layering Products and Wait Times
pH affects the acid you use and how it works. Another consideration is not to disturb an acid while it is on your skin, which can alter pH and affect its action.
Generally speaking an acid is effective for approximately 20 minutes . After that point the hair pH has risen enough to lessen the  action , and the acid is effectively neutralized. During this  time frame, the acid is working at effective levels.  so we suggest a 15 minute time frame for our applications as  it has done its job by this point .


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Early Release 2017 Hair Razor Detox

Hair Razor Detox 2017 Available Now 

We have Released out new 2017 Hair Razor Detox System which along with out previous 2 step 2 formula detox we now include Aloe Rid Treatment as a pre treatment which is a deep clarifying chelator . This is the same formula as the original nexxus Aloe rid treatment that was discontinued in 2006.  We also now provide a version of aloe rid shampoo that is used  as a step one after wash .  

Sold in a on eof four size treatments  half set, Single Set, double and Triple depending on ones needs from 10 to 60 + treatments . To find out what your personal need are obtain a Hair Razor Detox consultation today  


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Consulting " crazies " for a hair follicle test

ok I get some crazy shit from time to time and in general the main reason i ask the questions regarding a hair treatment that I do is to keep it short and simple . 

When i use to do phone consults i would waste 30 minutes per call and answer the same shit over and over. so I put up a list of specific questions I NEED to prescribe needed treatment for people who do not have pre test levels  . almost anything else is irreverent . 

These are the questions i ask and why ( generally) 

When is Approx test date ? need to know how much time you have,   this correlates to last use vs test date and amount  to be clean by said date 

What is the detailed use over past 3 months :    (  List each drug and the amounts in grams for each Month for the last 3 months ,   do not use street terms or  give vague answers )  treatment is mainly based on average grams per MONTH window 

When was last use ?  this lets me know if you are currently clean based on what was used or if last use was yesterday and you use meth i know your not going to get clean 

Do You Have Naturally curly hair ? what color ?  HOW LONG  ?  heavy treatments on tight curly hair who used cocaine may need to be advised it may relax curls 

IF  regular THC use is included , what is your  activity  level  / weight  
  ( very thin or very active  vs. normal to heavy with no sport activity ) only THC take weeks to month to detox  and how long is all based on ones activity levels 

Any chemical treatments done to hair in last month or so ? i can not let you use hair razor if you already performed some crazy chemical application like heavy bleaching or perm chemicals as it will make hair fall out 

ZIP CODE in case you only have a few days express is not available in all areas dont want you wasting time if your not getting it on time 


this is a rare example of what I deal with   and why i only do e mail consultations 


A friend is concerned you might be some law enforcement front (or non-affiliate providing IP addresses and other information to law enforcement in some way, shape or form) to get people to confess under the ruse of providing a guaranteed drug test beating hair product unlike any other on the web.

It's kind of hard to deny what's tantamount to a signed confession stating exactly what you did when and in what quantity. I'm inclined to agree since you want your answers crystal clear (no pun intended) using no street terms or vague language and, most damningly, don't mention anywhere on your website that you are not affiliated with law enforcement in any way.

Our interest is entirely inquisitive now that marijuana has been legalized for private use in California. We'd like to know whether either of us will be investigated for suspected drug use if one of us poses a hypothetical situation a proposed user of your hair product(s) based upon prior use which was treated via rehab and a cold, hard dose of reality with the ultimate goal of obtaining proof positive whether your product actually works.

We suspect we won't receive a response based on this criteria but we assure you We have every intent of purchasing your product once we have your explicit assurances that (a) your company and/or website is/are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency of any kind anywhere on Earth or serving as a front for one, not working with one or more and/or knowingly and/or willingly supplying any information of any kind to any third party at any point in time relating to our inquiry or purchase, and (b) that it is not illegal in the state of California for us to purchase or possess your product.

We don't know what repercussions will befall us at either the information gathering or purchasing stages as neither of us have never run afoul of the law before. Each of us beat our addictions, so we have a vested interest in investigating these products for ourselves to determine which actually work and which are bunk, not to "spread the word" to abet anyone in defrauding a legitimate or legally administered drug test, but whether there actually exists anything that can and, if not, most certainly "spread the word" to stop people from getting false hope that doing anything other than quitting their drug use completely is the only sure-fire way of obtaining a negative test result.

Your blog site is unapologetically boastful tossing down what looks to be legitimate science and scientific method, vigorously debunking DIY methods. This makes our mission that much more imperative.

If you choose not to respond and/or to not sell us (me specifically) your product after being so upfront and honest it will have to be interpreted as an admission of guilt to one or more of the aforestated speculations and we'll move on to the next product and the next until we have sufficient data to render as informed an opinion as possible on the various products out there with comprehensive list of the various states' policies on the purchase and possession of drug test cheating products, "spreading the word" in an effort to curtail the practice of trying to beat the system ultimately.

One personal aspect that touches us to the core is the idea that any legitimate law enforcement agency could actually be baiting desperate users trying to make good with their lives in their own fucked up way who haven't yet experienced the black hole of despair and loneliness awaiting them should they persist in their extracurricular activities. That's all that matters in the end, protecting people from themselves helping them to do themselves the biggest favor of their lives whether they use to numb themselves from pain, are involved in a relationship pulling them deeper in despite their better judgment, or simply lost souls trying to do their level best to deal with the horrific realities of life.

ou provide no evidence whatsoever that your product cannot be purchased without said consultation and no guarantees of safety so nothing factual will be provided. We're only interested in obtaining the product, unconcerned what could just be your efforts at limiting liability. You already provide testimony regarding potential side-effects in spine-tingling detail that, you have to admit, sounds almost as fake as a fair number of your customer reviews. To be fair, it could very well be true and we suspect it is. Further, a distinct sub-sect of those reviews reveal what could be a whole 'nother layer to the services you provide, almost like you may be ministering to customers encouraging they quit their self-destructive practices completely.

So, to put your mind at ease, we will not under any circumstances hold your company or any of its employees responsible for any discomfort or damage of any degree as a result of using your product(s). It's baloney to not provide a reference chart providing concrete examples of how many applications one should administer and how significantly treatment for marijuana differs from, say, meth or opiates. The product doesn't change, just the use and their are a finite number of mitigating factors easily broken down in chart format. No one needs to be this specific unless you're using the information for other purposes since a legitimate site would institute provisions to better guarantee anonymity. Your provide no science to back this claim of necessary detail up, just innuendo and anecdotes.

We want to believe in the veracity of your well constructed website fa├žade. We don't believe we're putting ourselves at significant risk fudging facts as the worst that could happen, as you clearly illustrate throughout your product pitch, is someone's hair will get fried. It grows back and only a complete moron would continue to apply in the face of any adverse reaction. We could very well be morons for entertaining the idea that you're legitimate and that your claims amount to more than harassment by local law enforcement  who are overburdened enough dealing with real criminals to have to make an example of people who's ultimate goal is to make their lives better in a most unorthodox fashion. We have nothing but time and feel we're in a position to positively influence net results without interfering with any agency of any sort. You might see a boost in sales, who knows, no judgments yet until we have more data at our disposal to find out if we're ever going to do something more useful with our lives and heinous odyssey relating to personal drug use.

When is Approx test date ? Could you quote for 30, 45, 60 and 90 days?

What is the detailed use over past 3 months :    (  List each drug and the amounts in grams for each Month for the last 3 months ,   do not use street terms or  give vague answers )

Let's say marijuana, whatever constitutes a small rolled joint every other day - looks like 1 gram from marijuana.com - with use stopping a month and a half before the hypothetical testing dates listed above.

Same for Adderall daily use of maybe 40mg stopping a month and a half before hypothetical test dates listed above. Never actually used it so got the "standard" dosage off a "straight dope" website. Seemed legitimate.When was last use ?

Let's say last use will be a month and a half before the hypothetical testing date. Come on, your questions read like an arrest report. Right? You only need to know how long between when use will stop and the hypothetical testing date according to your website.

Do You Have Naturally curly hair ? what color ?  HOW LONG  ? ( inches)
Personally identifying characteristic, ingenious - subtle, few would suspect foul play here. Let's say light blonde 1in and African-American hair 1/2in naturally curly. Those seem to be the most disparate extremes yielding significantly different results

IF regular THC use is included, what is your  activity level/weight (very thin or very active  vs. normal to heavy with no sport activity.)

Let's use your examples for marijuana very thin/very active and normal to heavy/no sport activity for Adderall (unless that's a stupid way to answer a question pertaining to only THC - that's the active ingredient in pot, right? At least the one that's tested for?
Any chemical treatments done to hair in last month or so ?
Would like to find out for no for marijuana and yes for Adderall.
*     *     *     *     *

That's it. Time to find out if you're going to target me for police investigation. Basic inquiry may not be enough, though who knows despite there being zero intent on our part to purchase for purposes of defrauding any legitimate or legally administered test of any kind. Test kits at home will suffice purchased with our own money on our own time with no one that is not a legal, consenting adult present and/or tested.

This isn't an admission that we intend to actually use the drugs in question and we do not under any circumstances intend to commit an illegal act - if purchase of your product constitutes a crime in California then we will not be purchasing, having never intended to break the law in the first place either directly or indirectly. It's up to you to advise us so we can cross check the veracity of your statement and decide for ourselves if satisfying our own curiosity is worth the risk.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you are legitimate and it doesn't break any laws you have a customer. If not oh well, we tried to do something admittedly unorthodox the right way and are, in our minds, guilty of little more than being stupid enough to respond to a bait-and-switch scam. If that's somehow enough to initiate legal action against us regardless of how much we tried to confirm somewhere online whether what we're doing is intrinsically wrong, as it were.

We're starting with purportedly "the best" and dare you to prove us wrong and prove you're not the fraud you claim so vociferously not to be.

And yes, this is our long-winded way of doing our best to inquire without actually getting ourselves in trouble for aforestated reasons. It's not like that part isn't obvious. Would rather be ridiculously cautious than blithely ignorant, which again still could be the case. Like we said, we have nothing but time but are absolutely serious about not wasting your time or ours.