Friday, December 2, 2016

Hair Detox salicylic acid and effect of ph

So you found your way here because your obviously researching all these things your been reading about and thats great , your not the super impulsive buy first scampoo you see or a panic and bleach your fricken head into oblivion.  or did you ?  😄

 How ph effects potency of beta hydroxy acids  ( salicylic acid)


 OK so I think im going to start with how you heard of the chemical which  is from some METHOD mentioned on the interweb right ?  They tell you to use among a a laundry list of crap pink clean and clear  and i think  neutragena TSAL. Both are listed as %3 .

( allow me to ask ... why use two thing with same ingredient ? whats the logic in that?  anyway ...) 

 Neutragena  TSAL and Clean and Clear are far less effective than home method touters think 

WHY ? 

 You see salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid and like similar acids the PH determines the  FAV or Free available value. Salicylic acid  has a  ph of  2.8 and  begins to loose it potency at ph of 3 and is useless by ph 4 .

Now, if you multiply the percentage of free acid by the concentration of Salicylic acid present in the bottle, you can work out how much is ready to pass through your hair.

Neutragena TSAL %3        at ph 3.5 

( %22.8 available  of the % 3 solution)  =    % 0.68

Hair Razors Step 2  at ph 2.5  ( %90 available of the % 4 solution)  = % 3.6  Salycilic acid  

Products and Wait Times

pH affects the acid you use and how it works. Another consideration is not to disturb an acid while it is on your hair, which can alter pH and affect its action.
Generally speaking an acid is effective for approximately 20 minutes. After that point the hair pH has risen enough to lessen the  action, and the acid is effectively neutralized. During this  time frame, the acid is working at effective levels.


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