Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Detox Shampoo Scams

A little history on the shampoo stuff.

The product (  aloe shampoo BS) was first marketed as a 2 part system to hair salons for pre chemical processing . A clarifier and chelator , first you wash with the shampoo ( active ingredient EDTA %.5, then you put in a leave in gel treatment ( active ingredient %1 EDTA )  in 2006 they stopped making the gel treatment and then the shampoo.  This is where the scammers and their counterfeit come in with myths about  old formulas and bar codes. yet the new formula contained the same active ingredients.  

Do you appreciate marketing BS or would you rather make a judgment based on facts like what the actual active ingredient is?  being you dont know jack they also spew BS about propalyne glycole levels as if this was a major change in original formula  NOPE PG DOES NOTHING it is also in every dam shampoo like EDTA . 

 So USING LOGIC  instead of paying 230 for this crap just go get a bottle of suave for 2.00 .

The chelation  Treatment we provide for free is %2 EDTA  , The "special" aloe  shampoo is  % 0.5  and im betting the treatment is %1 being it is labeled a chelator ( still no longer made). This is the only active ingredient in  aloe  shampoo . 

  The MYTH of propalyne glycol having some magical power is BULL  it is a wetting agent it does not remove or break ANYTHING down.  just more internet idiocracy spewed out by kids on the internet who have no clue what they are talking about . 

Hair Razor  with same active ingredients in its  pre treatment as the original formula aloe treatment .

Many of these shampoo products tell you to use other store bough shampoos or household products first  with their so called detox shampoo,  proving the magic shampoo doesn't do its job.  

Simple fact , it takes certain chemicals to metabolize properties and with drug use that's a handful of items .

  Methamphetamine metabolites are destroyed differently than the THC metabolite. The number of treatments depends on the metabolites in question and history of use in past 3 months. 

Step One blows open follicle while metabolizing ,  The second step while metabolizing  also repairs step one .

Recent sample of consult that mentions use and treatment with shampoos which did seems to help with low thc but not opiates

"oxycodone 30mg almost every day for first 2 months, most recent month 60-90 mg a week
Recently took hair follicle test 4/5/16 after using aloe shampoo (old formula) purchased from testclear ( counterfeit ) , for 7 days 2x/day prior to test  and zydot ultra clean the day of test. I Had been clean for 15 days prior to test and was positive for oxycodone with a level of 975 pg/mg."
Now I have to add this person did not mention THC levels and shampoo has a %30 decrease, so as long as use is low . aloe shampoos  will work for THC but most people who claim they pass a THC test with shampoos had a very low use and most probably would have passed with nothing as THC doesnt cross over easy. Show me a HEAVY DAILY SMOKER like gram a day and show me proof he passed with aloe shampoo bet you cant . .

Everyone has different use history and only  Hair Razor Detox has two formulas to metabolize all drug metabolites. Your use determines amount of treatment you need. You don't get have heavy use for months and think you can just wash your hair and in one day you can pass a test .

It can take from a few days to a few weeks to treat depending on YOUR history . 

Hair Razor product has been around for 16 years, The site that sells Hair Razor Detox keeps low key and does not sell to every online head shop and detox store 
because no one else can properly consult you . Do this right and check them out.

and if you have a aloe smid scam story you can post it here under 

The Aloe  shampoo hair detox scam post 

Quick hair detox consult will tell you what treatment amount is required.