Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dangers with DIY Hair Detox for drug test

In just the past few days I had two people who lost their hair.  One particular email I got said my hair melted after a second application of hair razor ,...  Only they Failed to get a consultation and inform me before ordering they already performed MULTIPLE BLEACHINGS.

Another person out of the country who couldn't get hair razor , bleached her hair and then used a relaxer  , told me her hair fell out and has to shave her head ,... even  sent me a photo of her now gone long beautiful locks ...

  Well ive explained how weak and pointless the weak but damaging  home remedy stuff is with the shampoos and acne wash and now i want to mention the other end of the scale.  People who go online looking for DIY solutions and are told by teenage stoner types to do all sorts of craziness are learning the hard way THEY ARE NOT AS SMART AS THEY THINK  .

You can not just throw any chemical in a random fashion on your hair.  You heard of NAIR right ? the depilatory or HAIR REMOVER?  Well that stuff is just ONE ingredient away from many perm relaxers products.  If you use one type relaxer then at some point a different relaxer or perm product your hair will fall out because you created hair remover.  

Likewise if you bleach your hair then used hair razor it will melt .

Their is a reason people go to school to learn about these products .

Use too much or leave it on too long or use one product followed by another  and it wont be pretty .