Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hair Razor Detox Reviews (past year )

Just some of the more recent  %100 legit reviews

Sent 3-21-2017

Marijuana almost daily. Grams -1.5 a day.  6'2 188. Gym 3-4 times a week, 4 inches hair

I went ahead and did the hair confirm express test from bioscience, just got the results back and it came back negative. I haven't taken my hair test for my job yet but I can't tell you what a relief it is knowing that I just passed the test I took. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about your product after reading that most people would do the bleaching and dying method over and over, I didn't think something so simple (albeit a little bit time consuming) would work.  Your product is the shit, and I will recommend it to absolutely anyone who is in the same predicament that I was in.

Thank you so much for your help and putting up with my annoying ass sending you emails every day. 
SEnt 3-17-2017

 I would say about 6 grams of cocaine in the last month, 6 suboxone, a dozen vicodin, and a fentanyl patch.  thc not for 2 months but smoked about 10 grams a month prior to that.

My results from hairconfirm came back negative so i'm going to get my real test done on Monday, and i'll let you know how it goes, Thank you so much for all of ur help
Sent 3-9-2017

2 Gram Coke did the 40+ suggested  

Sent 3-1-2017

Well I found out today that I passed. I took the test last Friday with 2 other guys from work. Both of theirs were back Monday, so I've been worried sick. I finally got tired of waiting, so I called the Psychmedics lab this morning. Come to find out, it was completed on Monday, but they somehow lost my name to the specimen so it wasn't reported to DISA. So in other words, they can easily give someone a wrong result. And this bullshit is what I had my $130,000 a year job hanging on. FUCKING RIDICULOUS! Anyway, thank you very much!
Sent 2- 26

Just had to send a thank you to you guys. I believe without you I would have got a big fat fail. I used only ur products and scalp therapy shampoo for the tenderness and the leave in conditionor recommended. After two months of refraining, and after two long weeks of waiting on test results my salary just doubled. And I have been a lifetime consumer of the friendly green! There is hope in passing hair tests with you guys. Thanks again

Sent 2 -22
used Triple set for heroin morphine and oxy


The real test was negative. And you were right!! Now I can relax.
Thank you very much. 
Sent 2 -7

AProx 1 g a day THC  used a double set 40 treatments

I just wanna thank you for your product man. I got a letter in mail today saying i got the job. I appreciate you having a product that works. I mean i did other things with it but still your product is a proven product to work. Thanks man

Sent  2- 1

Use Coke 10/25/16-.5 gram , 11/25/16- .5 gram , 12/25/16- .5 gram , 1/10/17- .5 gram , 1/20/17 .5 gram

 Well I was as able to do 46 washes. from a Double Set

​I got my results back today! I passed!! Thank you so much!! I will forever use your services!!
Sent 1 - 30
I cannot thank you enough!!! I was skeptical but had faith. I just got my results and I passed!!!!! I will email you a more complete review for you to include on your website if you would like.

I am so grateful to you!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!