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Death of the Aloe Rid shampoo myth


Death of the Aloe Rid shampoo myth 

OR The HISTORY of the  2 part product that you never knew of .  




This is a educational informative and historical article .

Well its been 15 years since NEXXUS Aloe rid  went off the market.  For most of you, all you know is the myth. You know very little of the actual history of the product and its myth as a super special shampoo .  

Once apon a time their was a 2 part product  (Aloe rid) copyright and put out by a nexxus to strip hair product build up as a pre treatment to chemical treating hair.   The reason being you want pure hair before applying chemicals like color. They created a shampoo and a gel treatment.  first you washed with the aloe rid  clarifying shampoo which contained %.5 EDTA   and sodium thiosulfate (for treating swimmers green )  then you used the green gel Treatment which contained a slightly higher amount of %1 EDTA which is known as a chelator . 

They both were emerald green and  BOTH had the same active ingredient  .   EDTA . All hair products of this nature have it even suave clarifer . We still use the same active ingredients in our  pre treatment as aloe rid treatment  but they are MINOR parts of the whole treatment.

 The first people to use it as a treatment for testing was in late 90s was a product called  afterburner  followed by Hair Razor folicle clean and many many others .

Around 2005 I read a notice from the original makers nexxus that they would no longer product it . They made a slight formula change and stopped selling it in gallons in 2005 and in 2006 ended quarts leaving only tiny bottles until it ran out. 

The Start of the Weed Forum disinfo

 So a new site to me at the time was claiming they had obtained a boat load of the original product and that you didn't want the new one which is all that was now available in small bottles.  They claimed the old formula had high propalyn glycol levels and that is what you needed and old bottles had a different bar code  all irrelevant as it was just nonsense .propalyne glycol is just a wetting agent used in everything  .but you bough it . hook line and sinker.  but how do you get the old nexxus aloe rid if they stopped maing it ( even though its just shampoo and didnt actually metabolize or break up anything )

They promoted and still do ( as did others following suite in knocking off nexxus aloe rid) ,  that the change in formula made the new product inefficient to clear your hair because they took away all the propalyne glycol . ( AGAIN PG IS NOT THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT  ITS EDTA. which is twice as strong in the treatment NOT THE SHAMPOO)  SO that was the creation of  the OLD FORMULA  myth. which was pushed by a special bar code myth that shows they claim they are re bottling nexxus product only color was all wrong so that was a proven lie .

Their was already some amount of chatter on weed forums by KIDS who think they are chemist who parroted the PG myth to the point more and more  people had their head infected with this Inaccurate information  .

Pot heads create DIY with random crap 

This was around the 2006 when i tried to warn the weed forums that aloe rid went out of production but the forums are already infected with kids who think they know chemistry defending these made up METHODS using random item from under the kitchen sink.   They also promoted the claim the old formula with same stuff as new formula has a different and thus special bar code as part of the method . with this certain company deceptive promotion they became synonymous as the nexxus aloe rid original formula providers .

 NOW after years of me trying to wake people up they never wanted to believe me i got attack and banned from every forum and so i said fuck them all let em rot .

SO for years people went to THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN GET THE OLD FORMULA BLAH BLAH BLAH shampoo  a product at the time was 7 bucks for small bottle they sold  this KNOCK OFF NEXXUS counterfeit ALOE RID for 35 then 50 then 75 then 230.00 before SUDDENLY WE NOTICED THEY PULLED ALL MENTION WORDING AND IMAGES AND VIDEO WITH NEXXUS OR ALOE RID LABELS . ( WHY DO YOU THNK THAT SUDDENLY HAPPENED in 2018 ? )
 and here is the kicker 

 they didnt send you a original formula nexxus aloe rid bottle with a special bar code . They sent you a plain bottle with  unknown product inside. They used the reason for not sending original product in original bottle with special bar code they claim you need  by  saying they pumped it from gallon jugs of real product in 2005 to 2017  ? ,  thats a big bottle not sure if that is even legal ?!.

 I am very familiar with the original  Shampoo and Treatment product, it was  clear dark emerald green not cloudy seafoam green. The video was recently taken down due to the legal notice ?.
 Which they never proved they had they only showed one video with a half gallon GEL TREATMENT not the shampoo .

REGARDLESS,  THE LIE IS OVER... OR IS IT  ?     suddenly in 2018  when they took down all images and then weeks later a new label shows not ALOE RID  but a new name claiming old style instead of original formula as to not allude to being nexxus product but still good enough to confuse new people without a clue .

aloe rid copyright infringers NEVER SOLD  THE GENUINE  NEXXUS SHAMPOO  ( which was just commercial clarifier shampoo same active ingredients as suave and swimmers shampoo )

 OBVIOUSLY  NOT in the original nexxus  bottle. this label used for awhile   says old style "aloe rid"   "   and pumped from gallons promoting the  nexxus product myth . 


new label using a tag line "old style "  and " pumped from gallon " ? using copyrighted aloe rid labeling?

unless their is a secret deal how are they allowed to use aloe rid copyright? and why did they suddenly change name ? 

 old style WHAT ?  pumped from gallons of  WHAT ?     go ahead and ask them . 


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