Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Aloe Rid shampoo hair detox scam post


We have similar product made with same active ingredients that we GIVE away just to make our point its just shampoo 

I have already gone over WHY these Shampoo peddlers are a scam in a previous post titled   Detox Shampoo Scams   . What im posting here is going to be a ongoing place for readers to post how they got scammed by the Aloe rid peddlers .

The other day i was doing a Hair Razor Detox consultation  and was told the following statement

.........I'm hurting financially pretty bad I got duped at test clear 
Paid for 2 bottles of aloe rid and the zydot and 130.00 for Saturday morning delivery when I didn't realize I could put the test off It NEVER came . He never sent tracking and said he would refund me. It's been a couple weeks with no info from him at all.
Then he emails that he refuses to refund because it's not his fault it got lost. Sounds like he is now scamming people !I had to go through my bank and it'll be a couple weeks before those funds are back in my account :( the guy I believe his name is Daniel but I can double check from testclear. 
Oh trust and believe I will be all over every forum complaint board etc
He scammed me out of 700+ dollars , I paid almost 200 of that for delivery alone.
He guaranteed it would be here the next day and then never shipped
He's a terrible human.

Thank you for running such an amazing site and doing consults so people don't waste their time

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But wait you say  Hair Razor has included aloe shampoo and treatment gel in its treatment. yes we have, for free, so you dont need to pay for it "just in case" it does work (which it wont do anything that suave wont)  . 

 Its allot of work to formulate extra product that is only for the peace of mind of customers when hair razor is like 400 times more effective but thats just one reason why we are not like  the other guys in ANY WAY .

Again ive posted why its a scam to sell shampoo no different than suave for drug test in the other post, but if you would like to ,..  please post your aloe rid scam experience in comment section .

 we give away shampoo with same active ingredients ( recently added to our 12 year old product with no added cost as you will need shampoo to wash out first step anyway )


Hair Razor Detox Treatment 

What about this says Nexxus aloe rid to you ? 


  1. We ordered off EBay. It was $110 and had "correct" barcode bla bla bla. It was "eBay insured" so we got our money back. They issued us a fake tracking # and never got a response back from seller when we asked about the status of our order. I then googled "nexus aloe rid barcode scam" and realized we've been scammed, and also found your blog, Blessing in disguise!

  2. NO S _ _ T! WTF?

    That is what I thought. But I have bought 12 boxes of Ultra Clean Shampoo & Conditioner + Paul Mitchell #3 Shampoo and Neutrogena T/Sal 3%, due to the fact that the research paper which you referenced - Int.l Journal Of Legal Medicine, showed 36% reduction with one use of Ultra Clean. So - 36% reductions each time and wearing a clean skull cap after each wash and then the final few washes also put on latex gloves, only new combs????????

    The fail came from Quest Diagnostics - I requested that my prospective employer request the values of the test results and send to me.

    I sent Psychemedics a hair sample off the opposite arm and should have been delivered on 10/06/2017 and hope to get the value of these test results soon.

    I will share the test values when if I get them.