Sunday, October 6, 2019

why Hair Razor Detox isnt sold elsewhere like other products


I’m about to order your product tomorrow morning, I have another question? Why is your product not popular online. There’s barely any posts about it, and I seem to only see your reviews only on your website. Any reasoning behind this. I’m without a doubt buying the product but I was just wondering about that when I did my research.

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When you see reviews of them products on multiple sites  THEY ARE ALL OWNED BY SAME PEOPLE  AND OR THEY ARE ADVERTISERS ITS CALLED MARKETING   . The  aloe rid scammer has MULTIPLE SITES .   

We do not sell our product thru online headshops or other places because  UNLIKE anything else, this is a legit product, not a scampoo that requires you to use stuff from under your sink ( what does that say about a product? ) 

We,  UNLIKE OTHERS  HAVE to do a consultation  because every ones  use and situations are different  and we dont want OTHER sellers prescribing the wrong size ( number  of treatments) so its pretty obvious WHY.   BECAUSE WE ARE RESPONSIBLE  AND NOT WILLING TO SACRIFICE PROPER TREATING FOR SALES ( which would be bad for sales sooo) .

what YOU should be asking is WHY DONT THEY do all that and WHY DONT THEY have a reviews pages with ACTUAL LAB RESULTS sent by customers .     UNLIKE THE OTHERS we know how many treatment of OUR product  it will take to get use amounts to under threshold .    


I was referring to reviews such as YouTube videos of people telling their story with product, Reddit posts, forums etc. Basically why do I don’t see a lot of content about the product on the internet like the other methods?    Why is Hair razor such a unknown product?   Like I said before I will be ordering a set tomorrow.

AGAIN  most are  fake,  REAL people for one DONT WANT THEIR NAME/ FACE  PUBLIC  about using this, MOST you see are just advertisers so when you see videos THEY ARE FAKE  ( like mike boron  he is a PAID fake video maker ) point some out to me and ill prove it  ( really point them out so i can add to this article ) .  

   FORUMS  are the worst,  bunch of 23 year old pot heads who think they are PHD in chemistry  .  Kids  claim they "passed " ( but no proof or proof they were dirty in first place )  and %90 + are admitted LOW USE THC and DO NOT NEED ANY PRODUCT, we turn away half dozen people a day because WE DONT THINK THEY NEED IT. So when people go on about how  product ( method) xyz worked on a forum ,...  THEY ARE WRONG, THEY COULD HAVE USED MOTOR OIL AND PASSED  BECAUSE THEY DIDNT NEED ANYTHING IN THE FIRST PLACE.     BUT ALOE RID SCAMMER WONT TELL YOU THAT, THEY SELL YOU A SCAM AND YOU THINK IT WORKED and people who were actually dirty fail .

We have reviews with ACTUAL TEST RESULTS   DO THEY ?  We have BEFORE AND AFTER LAB RESULTS showing people had LEGIT HEAVY USE and then got rid of it all .  DO THEY?

BEFORE HAIR RAZOR  THC 2.6 ( legit heavy use )                                    AFTER HAIR RAZOR


We even tried posting on a forum to let everyone know test clear (also runs multiple sites basically any site selling methods that require fake aloe rid ( TOXIN RID ) was served legal notice by nexxus for using their name .,......and because test clear is a advertiser they took my shit down .  THATS HOW FORUMS WORK  they are   F  A  K  E   ADVERTISING PRETENDING TO BE INDEPENDENT INFORMATION

guess your asking why dont we post fake testimonials all over so it LOOKS like we are more legit to you ?   i am beginning to think we should