Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Aloe shampoo hair detox scam post

I have already gone over WHY these Shampoo peddlers are a scam in a previous post titled   Detox Shampoo Scams   . What im posting here is going to be a ongoing place for readers to post how they got scammed by shampoo peddlers like testsmear.

The other day i was doing a Hair Razor Detox consultation  and was told the following statement

.........I'm hurting financially pretty bad I got duped at test clear 
Paid for 2 bottles of aloe shampoo  and the zydot and 130.00 for Saturday morning delivery when I didn't realize I could put the test off It NEVER came . He never sent tracking and said he would refund me. It's been a couple weeks with no info from him at all.
Then he emails that he refuses to refund because it's not his fault it got lost. Sounds like he is now scamming people !I had to go through my bank and it'll be a couple weeks before those funds are back in my account :( the guy I believe his name is Daniel but I can double check from testclear. 
Oh trust and believe I will be all over every forum complaint board etc
He scammed me out of 700+ dollars , I paid almost 200 of that for delivery alone.
He guaranteed it would be here the next day and then never shipped
He's a terrible human.

Thank you for running such an amazing site and doing consults so people don't waste their time

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But wait you say  Hair Razor has included  chelation aloe  treatment gel . yes we have, it contains the same active ingredients only twice as strong ( %2 EDTA) as the original maker of the 2 part  toxin ridding gel treatment. 

  please post your  shampoo scam experience in comment section .




  1. We ordered off EBay. It was $110 and had "correct" barcode bla bla bla. It was "eBay insured" so we got our money back. They issued us a fake tracking # and never got a response back from seller when we asked about the status of our order. I then googled "nexus aloe rid barcode scam" and realized we've been scammed, and also found your blog, Blessing in disguise!

  2. NO S _ _ T! WTF?

    That is what I thought. But I have bought 12 boxes of Ultra Clean Shampoo & Conditioner + Paul Mitchell #3 Shampoo and Neutrogena T/Sal 3%, due to the fact that the research paper which you referenced - Int.l Journal Of Legal Medicine, showed 36% reduction with one use of Ultra Clean. So - 36% reductions each time and wearing a clean skull cap after each wash and then the final few washes also put on latex gloves, only new combs????????

    The fail came from Quest Diagnostics - I requested that my prospective employer request the values of the test results and send to me.

    I sent Psychemedics a hair sample off the opposite arm and should have been delivered on 10/06/2017 and hope to get the value of these test results soon.

    I will share the test values when if I get them.

  3. should be put out of business. $400+ later in Old Style Aloe Ridd, 2 boxes of Zydot shampoo + treatment, and expedited shipping, I still FAILED my hair follicle test with THC levels of 12 pg/mg, which the Hair Razor consultant says is a lot for THC. I am so disgusted with Testclear's MULTIPLE assurances to me that their products would help a heavy user of THC pass a hair test, but I am even more disgusted with myself for thinking Aloe Ridd was the way to go and not researching harder to find Hair Razor with more time to spare before my test. I'm now scrambling to finish enough Hair Razor treatments before my test when I could have had weeks to prepare. Testclear is a complete joke, Aloe Ridd + Zydot is a useless method for heavy THC levels, and I should have known something was up because Testclear only lists 28 reviews for Aloe Ridd on their site as opposed to Hair Razor which lists many more from throughout years. Don't fall for Testclear's bullshit like I did.

    1. well good news Nexus has served them legal papers for counterfeit sales of aloe smid . bet he made a million bucks of people selling something that went off the market on 06. and BTW zydot is just aloe smid treatment gel most dont know their were 2 aloe smid parts both with same active ingredients EDTA . nothing special at all no different than suave .

  4. Hi just wanted to update you on my hair test.

    I failed my first hair follicle test that I had done on 12/4/16 after doing 10
    macujo treatments and the zygot right before going to the lab.

    Then did the PDT 90 self test after doing 3 jerry G treatments basically mac method thing with
    bleaching and re-dye 3x. Also failed for thc.

    Then found Hair Razor Detox
    did two hair razor detox treatments of the 13 recommended before hair started to melt off ( didnt divulge i used bleach or as they told me later they normally wouldnt sell it to me ) .

    Sent 3rd self hair test out after this got results back yesterday passed negative for thc.

    I'm thinking it was the razor detox since I failed twice doing the other methods.

    Wish I had found this product first before destroying my hair.

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  5. Aloe Shampoo has worked for me in the past so I am unsure what that person is talking about!

    1. PROVE IT what we are saying is IF YOU PASSED WITH SHAMPOO THEN YOU WOULD HAVE PASSED WITHOUT TI . you said aloe shampoo ? what one did you buy aloe rid from TESTCLEAR ? guess whay they just got sued by NEXXUS for counterfeit sales of their product . the aloe rid scam is busted wide open as ive been saying for ten years . so tell me how your suave passed a test again when i have MANY letters and test results showing how many FAILED from the aloe rid scam .