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Hair Razor Detox Reviews (past year )

Just some of the %100 legit reviews
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Sent 9-27

So I used the hair product of yours. 1.5 not the whole 2 kits. I sent hair  to the lab and they reported negative at Hair Confirm.
Sent 9-21
Got the results in today and I passed! Thank you!!!!
Used approximately 4 grams in the last 3 months all together, plus a few valiums here and there. 2 of those grams were used within the last 3 weeks. I did 11 treatments to play it safe. I was told to use 8+ treatments. 

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Sent 9-21

Got the results in today and I passed! Thank you!!!!

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Sent 9-16

​Dear sirs, 

      In the past I have used your hair razor product. Hands down, the best there is. Kudos to you all. 

Sent 9-14

I just wanted to say thanks for the timely delivery and timely response.  So far, I'm crazy impressed. I did the deep treatment and 2 treatments last night. 

Regardless if any outcome, I will be posting a testimonial after I get through this current debacle. 

You said to do 35+ treatments. I'm taking this as 35 minimum, and as long as I have more treatments, to continue until it is gone. Correct?  I'm trying not to obsess and order gobs more...:)

Again, thanks for the professionalism. ​


You are a mother fucking genius.

I will submit a detailed, with levels and usage,  review from my home PC tonight (I'm at work right now).

Barbituates were negative with 36 treatments.   Attached are the results. Negative for everything. 

Nameless faceless savior. I can't even stand it right now--the level of relief and appreciation. ❤️

Look no further if you are looking for some REAL help in passing the dreaded hair test. I was skeptical and scared, but willing to give it a try- feeling I must at least go down fighting.

I did the consult, was ordered 35 treatments, did two double sets (my hair is longer), and got 36 treatments. I followed the directions to the letter. Get a routine and stick to it. It's tedious, but worth it. I took a 12 panel and tested negative for everything. NEGATIVE!!

Thank you Hair Razor. I can't stop smiling. You saved me from a lot of heartache and headache. Customer for life. Just trust it, get the consult, do what you are told, and you will be fine.

Here is what my use levels were:

Hydrocodone - 150 mg per month last 3 months

Oxycodone - 750 mg per month past 3 months
Oxycontin - 100 mg per month past 3 months
Barbituate - 2 grams per month past 3 months
Buprenorphine (Suboxone)-80 milligrams 60 days ago

 Sent 8-25-2016  *    M

Use meth Everyday. Until 5 days ago clean and proud of my self. I smoke about a quarter to a half of gram daily.

I got one set and Only done half of it and was clean for 4 days before I started the treatments

I don't how to thank you y'all help me get clean and my life for better. So thank you
Sent 8-24-2016​

Wanted to thank you. I recommend this to everyone it really works. I took my test yesterday and got the results today I pass

Sent 8-24-2016

​Thanks so much for your advice and prompt response i will be purchasing your product and will write a positive review of your customer service, whatever the outcome. Thanks!!
Sent 8-23-2016    c

Hi ! It.s been awhile since testing but wanted to let you know it came back good, negative for everything.  I did 25 treatments maybe few more it was a long ongoing procedure and the big treatment that gives extra cleaning was done as well.  Thank you for your assistance.

I have recently ordered another set and my circumstances are the same so I assume I will do the same treatment unless I here other wise from you guys.
Thank you again. 
 Sent 8 / 4 / 2016  * W


To be honest I was skeptical. I had a pre employment hair follicle and urine screen for a great job. I was a weed smoker (about .5 grams to 1.5 grams) daily for more than three months leading up to my test. I was able to stop smoking in time to pass a pharmacy bought urine test without any detox other than lots of water and exercise. (I was surprised I passed it after only 22 days of not smoking). My follicle test is what was stressing me out. After reading tons of negative comments and reviews on follicle detox products, things were not looking good. However there was one commenter who referenced Hair Razor and gave a brief explanation of the science behind the product. I went to the website filled out the consultation questionnaire and was relieved when I received a quick response. I was advised to do 40 treatments ( The Double Set ) .

Shipping was very fast but by the time I ordered I had only 10 days before my test. I did four to five treatments a day. Most days I did one or two treatment in the morning and three treatments in a row in the evenings before bed. I left the products in my hair for 20 minutes each treatment. I'm very happy and relieved to say I passed my follicle test and was offered a great job.

 I strongly recommend this product! It honesty works. Passit Tech takes your needs very serious. Shipping was very fast and consultants answered all my questions in a very timely manner.
Thank You Passit Tech!

Sent  8 / 1 / 2016

Your products are amazing. I've been a long time customer and will continue to come back. Best product ever
I'm a light to med THC user. Without your products I would not have the job that I love. Best, and only name on the market I trust
Sent 7/7/2016  W  *

Daily weed smoker Half OZ a month  (.5 grams a day ) ,  Consult advised Double set (35+ treatments)
Worked! Passed with no issues. I will be recommending you to all of my friends

Sent 6 /28/2016  W  O

I have used your products before and had nothing but success with them. THANK YOU!!! You guys are brilliant!!

So I am a frequent user, and have sent tons of friends to you. I smoked a quarter ounce of pot and another eighth and took 15 Percocet all within 3 weeks  -and my last use was MAY 5th. No other use at all. For personal reasons- I take hair follicle tests every 3 months- but sometimes they get sprung on me out of the blue. I always keep some of your product around in case of an emergency-
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Sent 6/24/2016  C  E 

HISTORY OF USE  cocaine 1.75 grams, may 30th prior to that .5 grams at the end of April, and another 1 gram around Feb 18th

marijuana at least 2-3 times a day for the past 5 years. last use june 2nd.

2 ecstasy pressed pills last use may 29th, .5 gram molly on may 15th prior to that 3-4 ecstasy pressed pills around feb 18th

adderall 15mg last use around may 30th, and about 15mg per week for last 3 months.

I have been using the treatment now since June 7th about 4 times a day on average.  I also purchased to hair follicle multi-drug test kits from  I collected head hair on June 20th and just got my results back yesterday.

Everything came back clean

Sent 5/25/2016

I received the product fast and passed    

sent 5/5/2016


I recall when I was a daily meth user I panicked only having one set. I was SHOCKED when it was negative

 keep up the AMAZING JOB U ALL DO! I really wish those seeking your assistance take their crisis as a wake up call. By no means am i perfect. But between what I had to lose and the words of the rep i emailed over and over and done. I believe it was near this quote.. " Get off that shit " ..and it cut thru to my soul. Minus the slip up that prompted this email.. he changed my life and course of fate.

Thank you just doesn't seem enough!  

Sent 3/18/2016


methamphetamine five grams marijuana four grams

Great product man passed thx a lot now I have a question for ya there thinking of making me give a sample from the armpit hairs does this also work for body hair as well as head  hair

Sent 2/27/2016

Just got my results i passed!  Thank you soo much for the judgment free and helpful experience!  With ur detox nothing will stop me from bettering my life.  Just because i like to smoke.

Sent 2/24/2016


Used Opiates about half gram a day for three years. I ordered the Hair Razor Triple Set,  my hair is longer so I only got about twenty uses so i left it on a  little longer .  I passed .

Sent 2/5/2016

H, M

approx. 3 g morphine and 1 g heroin  ,  I ended up getting 42 treatments ,  My practice test was negative.  Thank you sooo much for your time and info.

Sent 1/29/2016

Omggg  I recently ordered ur synthetic urine for a urinalysis I had for a job two days ago. I was sooo nervous because there wasn't but one review for urine trouble and this drug test was for a HOSPITAL. My biggest fear with sub'n is keeping it at the right temp (because I've failed to do so in the past). But it all felt so easy to use with your kit I was thinking I was doin it wrong and I was going to F it up. But the HR lady informed me today that I was clear to start work!  I ordered your hair razor in 2012 and passed a hair test for a government job for the state. I was extremely skeptical of that because everyone I know has always said there is NO way to beat a hair drug test. Once I passed that I was completely shocked. You have made a believer out of me & I trust you and all your products & will tell anyone I know who search out these type of services. I guess you can say 16 years now and urine trouble never failed a test. Thank you so much for your help.

Sent 1/22/2016

I am a repeat customer. I love your attitude , your confidence is 100 percent warranted. You are a genius, truly . You know your shit. You def have a lifelong customer as well as free advertising in me.

Sent 1/20/2016


Just wanted to thank u for all ur help managed to pass my test for meth  but just wantd to say thank u for saving my family:-)

Sent 1/06/2016


I have used your site once In the past (2012) and ordered the hair razor. I must say I was VERY skeptical and even more nervous but I passed with no problem!

Sent 1/04/2016


Thank you hair razor! I've been a heavy smoker for many years, and have dabbled with other drugs as well. In the past year I've had to take 3 hair test. I was able to find out about your product through a friend. I followed the steps given through the consultation and it worked! Not once, but all 3 times! Your product has saved me. Thank you!

Sent 12/5/2012

I have purchased Hair Razor twice and your synthetic urine once before - you rock.

Sent  10 / 22/2015

First, I want to say this stuff WORKS!

 I smoked high quality (20% THC) bud for about 45 days everyday. Clean for 21 days,  1 inch long hair, completed 47 treatments (had to be sure) in 5 days. Got the job!

I did a home test with HairConfirm a few months back came out to 16.23 pg/mg then tested again after 40 treatments. Came back negative.

Sent 9/1/2015

W  H  C

Let me start by saying if you are someone frantically searching the internet for a solution to your hair follicle test nightmare look no further. You have found the one product that definitely works! My situation is as follows. For the 90 days leading up to my test I had used around four grams of cocaine, a gram of heroin and about a gram of marijuana. I was freaking out! I abstained for about 20 days before my test. I used the consult and was told to use 2 sets to complete 40 treatments. Just to be safe I purchased 3 sets and did an extra 20 sets for a total of 60 treatments. I was extremely nervous but the people working for hair razor were awesome and answered my emails quickly and assured me I would be fine. Got my results and I PASSED!!! Even though I did the extra treatments it probably wasn't even necessary. I also did not do the additional oxidation treatment and I passed with flying colors. Take a deep breath, send for a consult and order hair razor and you will be golden! Can't thank these guys enough.

 Sent  8/23/2015

  First of all I wanna say thank you for helping me with the pre consultation and answering all my questions. My scenario was a little bit different, I'm not a heavy user in fact I had only tried coke and weed once on the same day, this was the only time I had tried them. With my luck I get offered a great position within two months of me trying the drugs and it included a hair follicle test. So I decided to order the hair razor kit and I'm happy to say I got my test results and they came back negative. I start my new job in two weeks:) pretty easy process, especially since my hair was already short. Doesn't smell great but it also doesn't smell that bad.  Well worth the trade off in comparison to failing a drug test

 Sent 8/6/2015

Dear Tech Consultant,

I sit here with my 42nd treatment in my hair as we speak. I believe I have enough to squeeze out one more treatment after this. I've followed the directions to a T over the past 10+ days relentlessly. I have my HFT tomorrow morning. Im praying that your treatment/method works for me. If it does, you will have a customer for life and I will refer anyone in need your way. If it doesn't, we gave it our best shot, as I wouldn't be able withstand the the home remedies any further and I don't think the other shampoos work at all. Plus, with my substances, I believe your treatment was my best shot at passing.

Basically I wanted to thank you for responding and guiding me through this process. Seeing your response emails, was one of the only comforting feelings Ive had during this process. Ill let you know how it goes. if I pass, you will have a glowing review and I will have a fabulous opportunity. Pray for me.



PASSED BABY! Ill submit my testimonial when i have some free time. Thanks Tech Consultant!

Sent  8/10/2015

I must say that this product more than lives up to the hype!  I was a daily smoker for quite a few years when the job of a lifetime landed in my lap... Pending a hair test!  I found out about it before the first interview so I immediately stopped smoking and got a high and tight flat top (military hair cut) 1".  Being prior service they never questioned it, but that only left me with 3 weeks of not smoking and short hair, but the very front was just long enough to test.  I also trimmed all body hair to 1/4" to avoid any other collection sites.  I did the consult and was told 40 treatments but I only had time for half that .  Even with the half treatments and short notice I passed!  Great product!    ( 40 treatment consult was for hair before it was cut , best not to cut hair unless advised )

 Sent 6/19/2015

  Thanks great product!  Did the consult and used EXACTLY as i was told.  Not a very heavy thc user,  but did use several times in the weeks
  before my test. Passed ! Job of a lifetime ...thanks again

Sent 6/17/2015


Marijuana user for years.  For some reason, doing all the online research made me think weed was the worst bet for passing the hair test.
  I stayed clean for about 2 months and used the consult.  I am still in disbelief that I actually passed (psychemedics).  I have 4-5" hair and didn't need
  to cut it at all.  Will recommend this product for anyone in need.  Thanks a billion!

Sent 6/12/2015

Passed my test thanks a lot for your help

Sent 6/9/2015

Hey so i got the job your product does work thank you

Sent 6/8/2015

Was around 70ish days clean from 3 different types of drugs, needed to pass a test for a job and passed! Did about 35 treatments have 1-2 in hair, my hair changed color a little bit but so worth it this product is the TRUTH thank you!!

Sent 6/4/2015

I got word that had to a take hair test. So of course freaking out went to the  Internet and hair razor seemed to have best reviews as long  as had consultation. With some doubt I decided to give it a  shot and was told to do 20 sets so I did .   results came in and I passed. So would recommend

Sent 6/1/2015

 Just a quick note to thank you for your product.  Had smoked weed; a couple of
  one-hitters daily for years.  Was dry for about 30 days before test.  (6) days notice before test.  Still, did 40 treatments in (4) days with success per consultation.  Head was a little raw.  1 ½” hair.  Healed up  nicely.  Hair follicle test was negative.  Glad I found your product.  Will highly  recommend.  Thanks.

Sent  6/2/2015

 I'm a female who is in a middle of a bitter custody battle. My husband and I were asked to do a hair follicle text because his girlfriends daughter called all of us druggies. I unfortunately was not prepared because I've been using the whit stuff 2-4 grams a month on weekends. I ordered 60 testaments and did 55 in a week. With suggested olive oil  treatments every night.

NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!  Amazing feeling to know that my child will not suffer because of my stupidity.  My hair is NOT fried. It's super long.

FYI. Before the treatments my test was at 3450 for Cocaine. Thank you to all of u at Passkit for doing what you promise.

Sent 5/11/2015

I have used your product with success 2x's before I know it works. The consult questions for this next test follow; ...

Sent 4/24/2015

Heyyy.. just got the results...NEGATIVE...THANK YOU, THANK YOUR TEAM, ILL THANK GOD!!!!

Sent 4/20/2015

I wanted to let you know I got my results yesterday can't thank you enough see attachment negative (please black out my name if you were going to post my results,  I just sent them so you could see. Thanks a million

Sent 4/18/2015
I wanted to let you know I got my results yesterday can't thank you enough , see attached negative results

Sent 3/ 20/2015

Hello, I have a question if your not to busy, I used your product 10 times mailed in a hair confirm test and I passed.

Sent 3/15/2015


  I did 31 treatments out of one set and have 1-2 inch hair.

 You have amazing support and I would recommend this to everyone I meet in need.

 I will say your website does not look like the most trustworthy
 source, but hey it worked!

 Thanks a lot! I owe you one

Sent 2 /17/2015

I had a hair follicle test last Friday. Got results today. Negative!!!
 Only three weeks clean from the White.
 Listen and do exactly what the Consultant requires. This guy knows his shit.
 See you later Probation. Eat a dick.
 Thanks Hair Razor you only one I'll ever use or recommend

Sent  2/17/2015

sage was 2 to 3 grams of coke for a month and a little marijuana no more than a gram.  I have ordered a double set twice and I get 30 to 33 treatments per set, I kept tally and last double set I got 68 treatments because I have no more that a inch of hair to treat on my head, I am sure it works alone because I have never beat a hair test with just bleaching, with hair razor you can't go wrong.

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