Friday, May 13, 2016 selling aloe Rid Treatment

Attention Hair Razor Fans and Aloe Rid Treatment

Hair razor has formulated the original Aloe Rid Treatment  and will add it as a 3rd part Pre treatment  to the Hair Razor Detox and we will sell the original Aloe Rid Treatment formula " Razor Nexus  Aloe Ridd Treatment Deep Clarifying Solution" in a 2oz. Bottle for only 20.00  not 150.00 for 5oz as seen by the ebay sharks. This Is enough to do a couple heavy treatments for thick long hair or a few for short hair.

This is so anyone wanting to do a home remedy mac method can do so without being financially raped. Although Hair Razor Detox is much cheaper , is a one stop shop product ( no multiple ordering shipping charges driving around for weak over the counter junk) that FAR outperforms the damaging mac method and bleaching....... if you really want it we have it .

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